‘My 600 Lb Life’: Janine Mueller Quits The Show, Where Is She Now?

my 600 lb life

When we speak of My 600 Lb Life, it cannot go without a special mention of Janine Mueller. She has had one of the most successful journeys on the show. Her weight loss has been remarkable. The star recently announced that she had quit the show. Let us take a look at some details about her.

My 600 Lb Life: Janine Losing 300 pounds on the show

Janine expresses her gratitude to God as she loses 300 pounds on the show. Even though she is not returning to the show, the reality TV star is staying close o Dr. Nowzaradan. She will be continuing on with her weight loss journey even if she won’t be filming it. Clearly, the benefits she availed of his advise are way too much to leave him behind.

my 600 lb life

My 600 Lb Life: The Show Edited Out Everything She Said About God

Janine seems to be furious at the editors for cutting out some really crucial stuff. They cut out everything she ever said about God on the show. So here she is, expressing her gratitude for the almighty. Janine goes on to say that without God’s support, she wouldn’t have been able to come this far.

She still holds a positive attitude about her weight loss journey. She reveals that she is not with the man fans saw her on the show with. They parted ways some time ago. She knows that he isn’t the one for her. A while back, she took her plane on a trip. Janine faced some difficulties boarding it. However, she posted a picture of her seated comfortably in one of the seats.

There is a chance that she accidentally revealed her weight loss journey, and they had to tell her to leave. She states that she will look for some more business opportunities, including public speaking. Janine is also involved in a cat rescue group, and she mentioned that she would continue to serve others.

My 600 Lb Life: New Season Trailer Is Out

We are going to see some more inspiring stories as the new season of My 600 Lb Life comes into play. We are going to see some more people suffering from obesity. They are in difficult situations as fas as health is concerned. But their determination is strong, and they are not going to back down. For them, quitting is not an option.

As for Janine, we don’t know for sure why she left the show. Even though she did, the reality TV star will continue to inspire people with her journey. Stay tuned for more news on My 600 Lb Life as the new season unfolds.

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