My 600 Lb Life: Producers Facing Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit From LB Bonner’s Family For His Sucide

My 600 LB Life

My 600 Lb Life has given hope to many people who are suffering from obesity. Even though the show has provided a lot of inspiring stories to the audience, not every endeavor has been successful. For instance, LB Bonner committed suicide in 2018 due to severe depression. His family is blaming the production and has filed a lawsuit against them. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

My 600 Lb Life: What Happened To LB Bonner?

According to his family, the company backed out of many promises they made to him. Moreover, even when he wasn’t ready to film, the production pressured him to do so. They also didn’t provide him with the necessary mental healthcare after that. His family says that due to all these reasons, the production of the show had a major part to play in LB’s suicide.

My 600 LB Life

The former reality TV star had been in extreme distress for months before his suicide. He was a fan favorite since his debut in the sixth season. He also reached out to one of the production assistants and texted her this. “I am a f*cked up wreck right now”; “I’m not in a good place right now it’s dark”; and “I had a breakdown.” As a reply, she told him to fake it until he makes it.

According to the lawsuit, Megalomedia also demanded that LB cut his hair and shave his beard. They also refused to let LB move to Texas for a job without a well-thought-out filming schedule. Moreover, when he moved, they made him come back because they couldn’t film his move earlier.

My 600 Lb Life: Megalomedia Didn’t Pay For His Surgery

Megalomedia also didn’t pay all the costs associated with LB’s surgery. Even though they promised to do so, LB had to face the harassment of bill collectors. Combining extreme stress and weight loss, LB lost his teeth. He also suffered from general malaise and faced an impaired vision.

My 600 LB Life

Bonner’s family is asking for $1,000,000.00, along with monetary relief. The broader aim of Bonner’s family is to change the way reality shows operate. After all, no amount of money can bring him back. Megalomedia has adopted a business practice that most reality TV shows are based on. This unscrupulous approach is what Bonner’s family is targeting at this stage.

My 600 Lb Life: This Is What The Lawsuit Says

According to Starcasm, My 600 Lb Life is a show that incurred little investment. But due to the wide reach of the network, the profits were extremely high. Sometimes, the producers detriment those they feature on these shows. The producers, directors, and sellers focus on creating drama between family members and force upon them entertaining storylines. It has become a norm, and those exploited are not even a part of the profit.

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