‘My 600 Lb Life’ Star Chay Guillory Got Married In a Quiet Ceremony

My 600 LB Life

It was a moment of extreme happiness for My 600 Lb Life star Chay Guillory when she got engaged to her fiance Patrick. Now, her happiness is doubled as the couple finally tied the knot in a quiet ceremony. Let’s take a detailed look at this. 

My 600 Lb Life: Chay and Patrick’s Private Love Life

Last summer, Chay got engaged to a guy she had been dating for a long time. This was none other than Patrick. However, at the time, she didn’t post a picture of the couple together. Fans got to know about Chay’s engagement when she posted a picture of her hand in which she was wearing a ring. Patrick told her not to post a picture of them together as he is a pretty private person.

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Did a thing. Got married

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We got to know about her wedding in a similar way. The reality TV star uploaded a picture of herself in a white dress and a pearl necklace. Moreover, she wrote in the caption that she got married. 

My 600 Lb Life: Co-Stars Congratulated Chay

The happy couple has announced the big good news for the fans and they couldn’t be happier. The comments section was filled with congratulatory comments. Everyone has been supportive of them and the fans have showered the couple with their love. She wrote that the fans blew them away with good wishes and expressed her gratitude.

Nikki Webster also congratulated Chay. She herself got married after the filming of her last episode. Nikki also said that Chay looked beautiful. Brittani Fulfer also chimed in with her own best wishes. 

My 600 Lb Life: Chay Once More Changed Her Name

Chay recently took to social media to make viewers realize that she would be taking up her husband’s last name. In the ‘Where are they now?’ episode she starred in, the reality TV star said that she has decided to be known by the name Lola. However, later, she revealed that she is going to stick to her original name Chay. 

She said that when people started to call her Lola, she realized that she didn’t like it as much as she thought she would. That’s when she decided again that she is going to keep the original name Chay. 

Since we now know that Patrick is a private person, it makes sense to have a quiet wedding without pomp and show. Chay looked stunning in her white dress and pinkish makeup while pulling off an amazing pearl necklace.

Do you think Chay and Patrick are meant to last for the long haul? Let us know what you think in the comments below.