‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Did Fans Just Spot Whitney Without Her Engagement Ring?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Since Chase got down on one knee to confess her love for My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney and ask her to marry him, fans have been head over heels with this relationship. Considering that she has a loyal fan base, Whitney has to clear the air regarding the recent development. Let’s take a look.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: What’s Going On With Whitney Thore?

Whitney is currently enjoying her vacation in San Diego. She also shared a pretty bold click of herself hanging out on one of her friends’ couch. She was cuddling with her buddy’s dog while wearing only her undies. The pictures looked all cute till fans realized that something very important was missing. Her engagement ring! That immediately worried fans and they started to wonder whether Chase and Whitney are together.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Drama Prompted Whitney To Respond

The drama escalated so much that Whitney had to weigh in. The good thing is that when the reality TV star cleared the air, the fans got relieved. She let fans know that she was getting ready for massage and that her rings were in the bathroom. So, we can rest assured that the couple is still intact. Her caption read, “y’all, I’m undressed in my friend’s house about to get massages. My two nice rings (including that one) are in the bathroom — CHIIIIIIIIIIIIILL!!”

Fans Defending Whitney Against Trolls

Whitney posted a picture wearing an outfit that showed her midriff. One user left a nasty comment saying that one shouldn’t wear that in public. Her fans quickly came to her defense. One fan appreciated Whitney’s confidence and stated that she can wear whatever she wants. She said that Whitney is beautiful and deserves to feel comfortable.

Another said that if you don’t like her outfit, you don’t have to look at it. And then she pointed out how rude the comment was. The comments section was filled with positive replies for Whitney and bashing the troll. It seems like that person has to steer clear of Dms for some time.

Whitney and Chase’s Story On TV

We can see Whitney and Chase’s story unfold on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. We know that he eventually proposed and the couple is planning their wedding. But its interesting to watch how they came such a long way in their relationship. There are some complications in their relationship due to Whitney’s friendship with Buddy.

It’s amazing to see how the couple is crossing some major hurdles in their relationship. Stay tuned for more updates on My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

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