‘OutDaughtered’ Star Danielle Busby Trolls Adam Using a Justing Bieber Song


OutDaughtered‘s Danielle and Adam have endured some really overwhelming moments in their life when Danielle had the quintuplets. The five girls suddenly made a family of three a family of eight. But it seems like no matter what they go through, they never stop enjoying each other’s company. Even if it means playfully trolling each other or poking fun. 

This time, Danielle trolled her husband Adam with the help of a Justin Bieber song. Let’s take a look at what happened in detail. 

OutDaughtered: Danielle Trolls Adam In Her Videos For Their Latest Outing

The couple’s outing to get crawfish together ended up in Adam getting playfully trolled with a Justin Bieber song. At first, Danielle poked fun at Adam and pointed out how he was going to get food all over the outfit he was wearing. The 37-year-old Adam laughs as Danielle quotes from Justin Bieber’s Yummy. 

Moreover, when the couple was on the way to the restaurant, Danielle posted a clip when the song “It’s got that yummy” was about to come. Adam’s face is worth watching as soon as he realizes that the song is coming up. 

OutDaughtered: Adam Gushes Over Wife While She Trolls Him

Just when Danielle says that it’s his favorite song, Adam says, “Because she’s got that yummy.” Before the couple burst into a peal of cheerful laughter, Danielle said that he was itching to make that remark for quite some time. Well, perfect timing is all we can say for now.

Even though a large part of the couple’s ‘we’ time involves trolling, they really seem to thrive when they are spending some alone time together as a couple. On January 29th, Danielle posted a picture of the couple heading out for a date night. As we have already seen on the show, they always emphasize on keeping the spark alive by going on dates together.

On February 8th, Adam stated that his wife is his number one. In November 2018, Danielle once again trolled her hubby for his baking skills in her Instagram story. Moreover, when he once mentioned that his wife still gives him butterflies in the stomach when she walks into the room, she asked whether he is sure that isn’t indigestion. 

OutDaughtered: Danielle and Adam On Frequent Dates

Danielle and Adam believe that they should keep going out on dates frequently to have some alone time. Of course, there are haters who slam the couple for leaving their kids behind with babysitters instead of family. But Danielle slammed them and said that their daughters are under the care of trustworthy people. 

She is also an advocate for giving out the message that moms can have fun too. No matter how much hate people spew on them, the couple continues to remain happy despite the overwhelming responsibilities. 

Do you think Adam and Danielle’s approach towards life is correct? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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