Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Dimitri And Vanessa Planning To Make a Movie Together

Seeking Sister Wife

Even though the entire concept of a polygamous lifestyle might not appeal to most viewers when Vanessa broke up with the Snowden family, it broke many hearts. Even though the split has been amicable, the three of them had a hard time in the initial days of their breakup. No party has placed blame on anyone. The relationship didn’t allow Vanessa to grow as a person, so she got out of it. She mentioned that she loved Dimitri, Ashley, and the kids. But they had to part ways for many reasons. Enough about the differences though. During the time the three of them were together, there were certain things that they enjoyed doing together as a couple. Let’s take a look.

Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa Was on a Break

It seems like the former sister wife wanted to cope with the separation in private. Vanessa had been quite and dormant on social media after breaking it off with the Snowdens. But now, she is back with a bang. Fans have started to speculate on the possibility of whether she is ready for love again. She returned to Insta on Friday, showing off her helix piercing, that is the upper area of the ear. During her last outing, she looked happier than ever. In her latest picture, she also showed off the piercing and the final outcome was looking good.

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I thought I’d take a second to clarify something, since I continue to receive comments about the reunion daily.

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Seeking Sister Wife: Vanessa And Her Future Plans With The Snowden Family

Vanessa revealed in her latest Instagram post that she used to love making short videos with Ashley and Dimitri. In fact, this was something they used to bond over. It was something in common the couple thought they would indulge in sometime in the future. From short videos, the three of them planned to escalate the entire experience. They wanted to produce, write, and star in their own movies in the time to come. However, just after she finishes that sentence, Vanessa mentioned that it was unfortunate the relationship ended before all that could take place.

Seeking Sister Wife: All Three Of Them Wanted To Be On TV

When they were getting married, two of Ashley’s best friends met Vanessa’s bestie. They were talking about how Ashley and Dimitri love to be on TV and they are getting their own TV show. Building on that, Vanessa’s best friend mentioned that she has also wanted to be on TV. However, that statement gained more hype than it deserved even though the same thing was said about Dimitri and Ashley. Vanessa cleared the air by mentioning that she has been in acting projects before.

Do you think that the future plans of Vanessa and the Snowden family hold any possibility to become real at some point? After all, the breakup wasn’t painful. They parted on good terms even if it was heartbreaking for every person involved. All they need is some time to heal. Do you think once that happens, the three of them could get together to build a professional masterpiece? Let us know in the comments below.