‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Shocking Reason Behind Bernie And Paige’s Arrest

Seeking Sister Wife

Acceptance and comfort are the two pillars on which the concept of a plural marriage rests. Most couples in Seeking Sister Wife are excited about adding a new member to their family. But Bernie and Paige seem to want the lifestyle but are constantly struggling when they actually come in a polygamous situation. Moreover, the couple has gotten arrested on grounds of stalking. Paige’s brother and his girlfriend were the ones who made the call. Let’s dive a little deeper into the couple’s current situation and explore the arrest in detail.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Paige Looking For a BFF

From what Paige says, it is clear that she is an introvert and her husband is just the opposite. He mixes up easily. Even though the couple is on the show where they are seeking a sister wife, Paige doesn’t seem to be comfortable with the idea of a polygamous marriage. Moreover, Bernie even tried to hide what actually happened between him and Brandy. Paige calls this behavior as cheating. Well, when you are looking for a wife for your husband, the concept of cheating goes down in the drain right away!

From the fact that Bernie has to lie and Paige is jealous, we can say that the couple might not be ready for this lifestyle. It is true that Paige wants a BFF. However, how comfortable she is about that BFF sleeping with her husband is something that is hanging in the air. Later, even though Bernie admitted that he lied, the relationship is still in trouble.

Why Did The Couple Get Arrested?

Even though Bernie’s physical relationship with Brandy is one of the hottest topics of discussion as far as Seeking Sister Wife is concerned, they have bigger issues to tackle. Back in March 2019, the cops arrested the to-be-polygamist couple for stalking. Patrick Marble reported that he had been receiving harassing phone calls from his sister. Paige kept calling him multiple times within an hour. So, he headed down to the police station with his girlfriend and reported the entire matter to the police.

The cops arrested Bernie and Paige shortly after the complaint. No one has made any public statement about the phone call. However, we can assume it was serious as Patrick Marble and his girlfriend reported that they were scared for their lives. The police released the couple on $250 bond a few hours later. A while ago, he also posted the screenshots of comments Paige made about a fan’s mentally disabled child. It seems like he has a genuine problem with his sister even before the show began.

Is The Complaint An Attempt To Seek Attention?

Patrick Marble seems like an attention seeker. Chances are that he was bored and the entire act was a gimmick to gain public attention. What do you think is really going on? Let us know in the comments below.


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