‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Demitri Takes His Relationship With Venessa To Next Level

Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife stars Venessa and Demitri are ready to take their romance to another level. After months of dating his new girlfriend, Demitri is finally ready to have an intimate relationship with her. On Sunday’s episode, we saw Ashley asking Demitri whether he is ready to be intimate with his current girlfriend. Demitri also mentioned that as soon as the kids will fall asleep, it’s going to be his and Venessa’s night.

It seems like the search for a sister wife for the Snowden family will come to a halt. The show is going to portray the relationship between the triple team in every phase. Ashley and Demitri’s polygamy lifestyle has a missing piece of a puzzle and finally, it is going to be complete. Demitri pointed out that he and Ashley have been looking for women admiring this lifestyle. They have had their fair share of ups and downs but finally, they think that Venessa is going to be a great fit.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Ashley Puts Venessa On a Diet

As the romance between Ashley’s husband and her potential sister wife escalates, Ashley took some aspects into her own hands. Some might think to talk about sex with one’s husband’s girlfriend to be weird but this is not how this relationship works. Ashley has put Venessa on a diet to keep her yeast free when she consummates with her husband. In an Instagram clip, the two women are involved in a Yoni steam.

Ashley says that she wants the night to be lovely and passionate. She has been building it up for quite some time in her mind and she wants it to be perfect. However, Venessa is a little nervous about the whole thing. Since Ashley’s room is right next to the room she is going to be with Demitri, things might take an awkward turn.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Demitri Finally Pops The Question

After 6 months of courting, Demitri finally proposes to Venessa. It was a wonderful beach proposal Ashley helped Demitri plan. Both Venessa and Demitri proudly announced their engagement on Instagram and the family couldn’t be happier! After Demitri and Venessa got intimate, Demitri decided that it was time to take a step further. Once Ashley agreed and they had Venessa’s mother’s blessings, Demitri popped the question.

The three of them headed out to the beach and were enjoying a lovely conversation together. It was just then C-Tru went behind Venessa and began performing her song. C-Tru handed a jewelry box to Demitri as he went down on one knee. He said to Venessa that she was an amazing sister wife to Ashley and an awesome mother to the kids. Of course, she was perfect for Demitri. He told her how much he loved her and asked her to marry him. Venessa said yes to the proposal!

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