‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 3: Will Snowden Family Return After Vanessa’s Split

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The recent season of Seeking Sister Wife brought on a series of dramatic moments. But to top, it all was the split of Vanessa with the Snowden family. The Snowden’s failed to find love in the first season of Seeking Sister Wife. But in season 2, everything seemed to be going well with Vanessa. But somehow, things fell apart, and she broke up with them. They were heartbroken over the breaking of the entire arrangement. For a while, fans actually thought of Vanessa to be an integral part of the Snowden family. In a beachfront ceremony, she even married Dimitri.

But, as we all know, what is not meant to last never does in the first place. Vanessa mentioned that she had to do some in-depth soul searching. After that, she eventually decided to part ways with the family. In the midst of adjusting with the Snowden, Vanessa felt that she has been losing herself. She saw the arrangement to be a hindrance in her personal growth. Even though there are no hard feelings from either side, they are no longer together.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’: A Casting Call In Action

TLC is open to couples and single women looking forward to a polygamist lifestyle. Since there are new slots, fans are wondering which couple could continue their search for a sister wife or wives for that matter. Paige’s jealousy has made it clear that she and Bernie might have some thinking to do before continuing on their quest to pursue another wife.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Are Dimitri And Ashley Coming Back?

When the Snowden family added Vanessa to their family, they were still on to making more additions. But since Vanessa is out of the arrangement, they are back to square one. The likely possibility is that they are going to reprise their roles.

 Could There Be An Ulterior Motive Behind The Return?

Ashley and Dimitri might be one of those people who is targeting reality television as a platform to lay the ground for some serious acting gigs. They might also be planning to make their children enter the entertainment industry. A while ago, there was a rumor that the entire relationship with Vanessa was fake and they acted it out just for some TV exposure. But Vanessa’s mother and Dimitri came to defend the arrangement saying that Vanessa is a strong and intelligent woman. This aimed to put an end to the popular opinion that the Snowden’s were manipulating her.

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