Seeking Sister Wife Stars Paige McGee And Bernie In Police Custody

Seeking Sister Wife

Stars of Seeking Sister Wife, Bernie and Paige were arrested in Mississipi on Friday on grounds of felony stalking. Jasper County Sheriff’s Office reveals the information that both of them were arrested on the same day. At that time, other details were unavailable. Whether the couple has to pay a fine or make court appearances is still unknown.

The main question here is how this arrest might affect their future on the hit reality TV show. No one from the network is available for an immediate response.

What Lead To The Arrest Of Sister Wife Stars?

Patrick Marble, Paige’s brother used her account to attack a fan whose child suffers from down syndrome. He called out names and ridiculed the mentally disabled child. Since the McGees made their entry on the second season of the show, the feud with Patrick has been an ongoing one. Patrick also posted a video that shows Bernie taunting him. According to speculations, this might be one of the reasons behind the arrest. However, nothing is confirmed about this till now.

The Story of McGees On Seeking Sister Wife

When the couples’ home in Mississippi was destroyed in a fire, their search for a sister wife began. Even before this, Bernie’s interest in adding another wife in the McGee family was pretty clear. But during that time, it was Paige’s jealousy issues that brought this search at a halt.

Paige Opening Up On Her Jealousy Issues

When the couple was on the lookout for their first potential sister wife, Paige was the one who wasn’t able to wrap her head around the situation. When Bernie started talking and texting their common friend in private, it didn’t go well with Paige. The situation bothered Paige and the drama escalated to a whole new level.

Bernie mentioned that the last time they were courting, he saw that Paige was hurt. He doesn’t want to go things this way once again. This concept rests on her openness and willingness to adopt this lifestyle. He wants her to be okay to make this work.

Bernie is out there on major dating forums. Currently, he has found one potential match named Brandy. Do you think Paige’s jealousy will make this a bumpy ride? Will they be able to go through the process as planned? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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The way Bernie talked to his wife was appalling; I can’t imagine some other woman would be okay with that or want to join with that abusive behavior.