Seeking Sister Wife: Why Vanessa Parting Ways With The Snowden Family?

Seeking Sister Wife

It was a magical moment when Seeking Sister Wife star Dimitri popped the question to Vanessa on a romantic beach setting. Ashley and the kids were also ready to welcome the new member of their family. Vanessa was al set to be a Snowden, but unfortunately, things didn’t work out for the to-be-plural family. Let’s take a look at what happened in detail.

Here Is What Vanessa Has To Say About Leaving Snowden Family

Vanessa posted on Instagram that she has decided to part ways with the Snowden family. She has made this decision after some in-depth soul-searching. She also mentions that she loves Dimitri, Ashley and the kids and will continue to do so. But she also feels that the love, as well as the commitment to her almost family, was overshadowing her love and commitment for herself. Until recently, she wasn’t entirely truthful to herself. Her inner voice told her that she is not meant to fulfill what the family expects of her.

Even though Vanessa loved them she realizes that people are not always meant to be with someone even if they love them. Her path forward and personal growth didn’t align with the long-term family dynamics. She expresses her gratitude to all those who offered their immense support throughout her journey. Their love and the brief time they lived their life together was real. She wishes the family happiness and love and is rest assured that they wish her the same.

Seeking Sister Wife: Snowden Family Took To Instagram For Offering Their Best Wishes

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We are deeply saddened by Vanessa’s decision to leave our family. We take our family dynamic and the relationships we build with others very seriously. We make sure we always do our best and give our absolute all. We also know we must respect when someone feels they must move on and try to do that with a spirit of acceptance. . While we had an incredible, loving year together with Vanessa, it is important for us to take the time necessary to heal from this divorce, extracting the lessons and the blessings from this experience and use them as the strength we need to continue moving forward with our dream to create a beautiful, like-minded Snowden family tribe. . We know that it’s not polygamy to blame, as one doesn’t blame monogamy when things don’t work out. Compatibility, aligned values, and joy from everyone involved are most important in any relationship construct. . We wish Vanessa nothing but peace and happiness along her personal journey, and ask that you do the same, for her, and for us. . We truly thank you (our fans and critics) for the time our amazing journey has occupied on your screens, hearts, minds and blogs. . We will continue to live this journey out loud in search for our sister wife(s) when the time is right, because we know the women we are looking for, are also looking for us. . ~ The Snowden Family . #thesnowdenfamily

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The family expresses their sadness on Vanessa leaving them. They mention that they take the dynamics as well as their relationships very seriously. But when someone feels that they need to move on, the family respects their decision. They are fully accepting of Vanessa’s decision. They wish to continue to move forward with their search for a complete Snowden family after healing from the divorce.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Defending Polygamy

When things don’t work out, people don’t blame monogamy, right? This is exactly what Demitri says when he clarifies that it is not polygamy that people can blame in this case. A level of compatibility and alignment in values are the most important factors that contribute to any successful relationship. He wishes Vanessa happiness and peace and urges the fans to do the same for her and the family.

He thanks the fans and critics for their time and support. The family will keep searching for a sister wife. They know that the women they are seeking are also searching for them.

Most fans are saddened by Vanessa breaking it off with the family. But they feel that she was the one making all the compromises by uprooting her life. What do you think of Vanessa’s decision? Is someone at fault in this situation or they just don’t align with each other? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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