‘Sister Wives’: The Season 8 Drama Repeating Itself? Kody Has Changed?

Sister Wives

Part 2 of the Tell All episode of Sister Wives of this season is set to air. Before we say goodbye to the interesting dynamics of the Brown family, we are going to get a chance to take a look at how Browns are doing in the Tell All episode part 2. Some time ago, Kody and his wives were facing a lot of fury from the world outside their family. But then he decided that he wanted to get rid of the hate people had towards polygamy. There was a time when the plural nature of the family was confidential. Only their close friends knew about their alternate lifestyle. But now, they are all out with their own concept of personal relationships.

When the recent season wrapped up, it ended with the family moving to Flagstaff, Arizona from Vegas and starting a new life together. Kody and Meri also decided to mend their differences and attempt to stay committed to one another. In the preview, we can see that Robyn is teary-eyed and there is a lot of tension between the family.

Sister Wives: People Feared When This Lifestyle Gained Limelight

When Kody first came out in front of the world with his concept of polygamy, people feared that this lifestyle might catch on. They were afraid that the traditional American values regarding marriage will be affected. Meri even lost her job when the show first aired. She understood why they fired her but she also felt heartbroken. Most viewers believed that Kody was trying to spin a yarn and catching the innocent ladies in his bait. When Robyn came along, the drama just escalated. Kody faced a lot of backlash and viewers also blamed him for collecting wives for his own pleasure.

Sister Wives: Perception Regarding Kody Has Changed

Now, Kody’s haters don’t see him as the master manipulator. He seems more childlike and has teenage impulses. The wives are also no longer seen as his victims. People now admire the four of them as excellent mothers.

Sister Wives: Stay Tuned For The Tell All Part 2

Fans believe that Robyn was the one who caused the major move to Flagstaff. If there are tensions between her and Kody, fans are clearly interested in knowing more. In the preview, we also see the family struggling between two properties to buy. Meri likes the first one while the rest of them like the second. The wives are still not in favor of living with one another.

When Janelle offered Christine to move in with her temporarily, she politely refused. She explained that even though they all love each other, living together is still not an option. They are different, and they raise their children differently. They don’t want to live with each other.

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