‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown On Cruise In Mexico, Partying With Another Man

According to Sister Wivessources, Meri Brown is in Cozumel, Mexico, presently. The common speculation is that she is in a LuLaRoe event. Earlier on the ship, there was karaoke and a party. We know that she is already popular for sharing clips that give rise to rumors and stir the air. This is exactly what has happened this time. Let’s take a look.

Sister Wives: Too Many Rumors About Meri Brown?

Meri’s status with Kody and her relationship with her co-spouses is a constant topic of discussion among fans. The most common rumor is that she doesn’t like to spend much time with the other Sister Wives. Moreover, she has left Kody and is better off alone, according to fans. Some also say that she is shacking up with other men too. But most of the time they have turned out to be her relatives or friends.

Meri has been traveling a lot lately. And that too, she is experiencing some wanderlust without the rest of the Sister Wives clan. She hasn’t even posted a picture with Kody for a long time. Of course, we also know that she slams the rumors and is an expert at showing trolls their place. But her current clips are sure to spark some more rumors whether she likes it or not.

Sister Wives: Is There Another Man In The Picture?

During the karaoke, there is a man who has his arms wrapped around Meri most of the time. In fact, in most of the clips, the duo seems much more than just friends. They seem to be cozy and comfy with each other in most of the shots. This makes us wonder, is Meri toying around with fans and sparking rumors on purpose? She must know by now that she is indeed a public figure. The celebrity status is likely to keep her in the limelight forever.

Sister Wives Sister Wives

The person could be a friend, a cousin, or an acquaintance for all we know. However, if that is not the case, Kody’s ego is about to get really hurt once again. It seems like Meri’s independent lifestyle does not go well with the rest of the clan. They are not a fan of Meri going rogue most of the times. It pissed Kody off when she decided to keep the family out of her business.

Most fans are in favor of Meri breaking it off with the Sister Wives family. According to them, they are holding her back. She seems more jolly when she is by herself. Do you think the problems with Kody has put Meri off to the relationship and swept her into the arms of another man? Let us know in the comments below.

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julie owens

Kody wasn’t pissed off when she bought the B&B. She offered him a buy in and he rejected it. He was proud when she could do the whole thing by herself. I don’t know about her having another man. You mention pictures of him, but don’t show them.