Sister Wives: Meri Expresses Her Grief Over Her Past Miscarriages & Infertility

Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Nothing is worse than losing someone you care for. In Meri Brown’s case, the same thing happened. The only difference was, she never got a chance to meet her little boy. Recently, she opened up about the miscarriage she faced earlier with Kody about 12 years ago. Let’s take a look at what Kody’s first wife has to say.

Sister Wives: The Grief Never Ends

Meri uses the hashtag #miscarriagesucks and expresses how she feels about losing her unborn child. Recently, she stated that she woke up in the morning how it would have been to have her 12-year-old boy with her on Christmas. She revealed that this very day, she received the bad news and had to say goodbye to her unborn child.

Kody and Meri opened up about their tragic loss on Sister Wives before. Meri said that she thought that it would be easy for her to conceive after she had her daughter Mariah. It didn’t happen, and when Mariah turned 12, she decided that she doesn’t need to worry about having other kids as she is old enough. However, she was late again just when Meri became okay with the thought of not having kids again.

She took the pregnancy test, which turned out to be positive. Meri visited the doctor to listen to the heartbeat of the little child. She was ten weeks pregnant, and the couple was very excited. But as they went in, the doctor said that there was no heartbeat. She was frustrated and angry as after 12 years; the joy was taken away from her.

Sister Wives: Unbearable Grief Followed an Amazing Joy

When Meri found out about her pregnancy, she was overcome with amazing joy. But when she lost the baby, unbearable grief struck her. She also stated that the pain would ease out as years pass. But the memories and the love will never fade. She still keeps wondering how her baby would have turned out and what could have been his future.

It sounds like Meri knows someone who is experiencing the same kind of pain as her. This is likely to remind her of her own struggles. She might have eventually found comfort in her extended family. But one thing is for sure, the thought of her unborn son and how he would have been still hurt her a lot.

Sister Wives: Meri’s Extended Family

The fact that Meri could not conceive made things even more difficult as Janelle and Christine didn’t have this problem. Robyn even offered to be her surrogate. But Meri turned down the offer. Stay tuned for more news on Sister Wives and watch the new season to see what the family is up to.

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