‘Sister Wives’: Meri Struggles To Move, Call Her Family’s Love Is Conditional

Sister Wives

It seems like stress will never leave the side of Sister Wives star Meri Brown. She has to move back to Flagstaff, Arizona, to reunite with her family. But it seems like the small move is ready to pose some big problems of its own. Let’s take a look.

Sister Wives: Lack of Help From Family Stressing Meri Out

Meri has been a bit emotional over the lack of support from her Sister Wives family as far as moving is concerned. Robyn reveals that meri lives in a house built on the side of the mountain. On the side of her home, there are huge stairs. Robyn describes that she almost faints every time she has to walk up those stairs.

Meanwhile, the lack of excitement and enthusiasm from the Sister Wives family upsets her. She thinks that since they are family, it shouldn’t be this way. Robyn interjects and states that when they climb the stairs, they feel like they are going to hurt her stuff. Meri didn’t want to hire someone to help her with shifting. She feels like when the family can be present for the same thing; some quality interaction can do a lot of good for them.

Sister Wives

She continued to say that Janelle and Christine feel isolated. And then she hears Janelle hire someone to help her move when they can all do that together. Robyn suggested that Meri should hire someone to move up her furniture. Then Janelle said that when she has moved in, they should have an unpack move-in party.

Sister Wives Family Dividing Up Tasks

Robyn agrees with Janelle and tells Meri that they can help out with the smaller stuff after the movers have done the big lifting. Meri also hinted that Mariah being gone might be the reason she is feeling so lonely. We know that she is her only child, and she has moved away to a faraway place. She also points out that Kody is not always there when she needs him. Robyn urged that if she said something, they could all figure it out together.

Christine then told Meri that her girls have agreed to help. Luckily, Kody is not the only person Meri can rely on for support. Also, they have been having a lot of problems in their relationship.

Sister Wives

Robyn Defends Kody

It seems like Robyn didn’t like the remark Meri made about Kody not being there. She stated that Kody has many demands to meet and is a really busy person. Meri makes her final comment and mentions that she feels her family’s love to be conditional. We’ll love you and want to help you and be there for you if we can do something fun, but not if you need something done,’’ she said. Stay tuned to know how the Sister Wives family copes up with this.

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