‘Sister Wives’ News: Why Did Meri Brown Have To Evacuate quickly?

Sister Wives

In the upcoming Sister Wives episode, we are going to see Meri Brown evacuate her house. Even though this happened about a year ago, it’s going to be on air soon. Let’s take a look at some juicy Sister Wives spoilers in detail.

Sister Wives: Meri Can’t Delay In Evacuating

In the next week’s preview, we can see Meri Brown packing up her stuff and preparing to evacuate. We can also see that the first wife of Kody Brown is really upset. After all, it’s all happening so fast. 

Back then, there was a forest fire near her place that caused a lot of harm in the nearby area. She kept on posting videos and pictures to show that she was fine. Everything happened last summer, so it’s quite a while back. 

Why Is Evacuation So Crucial For Meri Brown?

Meri does business for LuLaRoe and has all the related belongings at her property. When people purchase from her, she ships the inventory from her home. She makes a living out of it and is the most independent of Kody Brown’s wives. Naturally, if the forest fire caught her place, she would have incurred major losses. 

It isn’t just the house she lived in. Besides that, any potential threat can cause a lot of damage to her personal property and business inventory. The upcoming episode of Sister Wives is going to show the entire evacuation in detail.

Sister Wives: Meri’s Instagram Post About The Fire Last Summer

Meri wrote that her original plan was to have a day out at sea with some like-minded friends from LuLaRoe. But it seems like the fire spoiled her plans for chilling out with her fellow-retailers. 

At that time, the rumor of the other wives being jealous of Meri also surfaced. According to speculations, Kody also got intimidated by her first wife’s intellect and independence. No other wife was as self-dependent as Meri.

Sister Wives: Meri Still The Outcast In The Brown Family

Most fans have pointed out that the family doesn’t treat Meri well. A few episodes back when Robyn had to move from her rental home, the entire family was thinking about where they would have their get-togethers. Meri politely offered that they can all gather at her place as there is a lot of unused space. But no one gave a positive reaction. Or for that matter, any reaction at all.

Meri is also successfully running her own bed and breakfast. She is the only one who owns property independently without Kody’s name on it. Meri has also stated that she feels left out from the rest of the family.

Despite her husband’s behavior towards her, Meri always appears positive if we check out her social media profile. Fans seem to think she is better off without her Sister Wives family. Even though we know about her evacuation, stay tuned and watch the upcoming Sister Wives episodes to know the whole story.