Sister Wives: Shocking! Property And Legal Issues Of The Brown Family

sister wives

The big move from Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona has got the Brown family all excited, overwhelmed and financially exhausted at the same time. They have been struggling to keep up with their expenses in their new state. It has been almost a year and a half since the move. But Christine Brown managed to sell her house just recently.

According to the reports, the price is nowhere near what the family was expecting in the first place. Before any buyer would even consider taking a look at the property, they had to make huge amends and significantly cut down the price of the house. Finally, on 2nd April, Christine managed to sell her house for $599,900. It might seem like a decent amount to the common masses. But comparing to the initial price of $675,000, it doesn’t match up to the requirements.

What About The Other Sister Wives’ Property?

Christine is Kody’s second wife who sold her property. Before her, Robyn brown made the big sale. She sold her house for $603,000. However, she didn’t have to make a big compromise as there is not a lot of difference between the initial price of the property that is $619,900.

Meri listed her property for $599,900. But due to her failure in making a promising property sale, she had to cut down the price in January. No good news came till march so she dropped the price to $574,900.

Meanwhile, Janelle Brown is another one of Kody’s wives who is handling a For Sale sign. $649,000 was the initial price at which she listed the property for sale. After slashing the price once in January, she further cut down the cost to $574,900 in March. In March, Kody made a celebrity appearance in each of the houses to pitch in for sales. Maybe it’s due to his efforts that they got a decent deal for Christine.

While it might seem like Kody and his wives constitute a rich family, their expenses are higher than we think. They have to pay rent for multiple houses in Arizona which accounts for thousands of dollars. No matter how high the prices of their residences seem at first, it is definitely not enough to cover the expenses in Arizona.

Sister Wives

Is The Sister Wives Family In Legal Trouble for Polygamy?

According to the law, the state of Arizona prohibits polygamous marriage or inhabitation. So, to them, what the Browns are involved in is definitely against the law. If the prosecutors decide to press charges, they can use the entire show’s footage as the evidence. Not only does this situation can trap Kody Brown in trouble, his four wives Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and Meri also won’t be looking good in the eyes of law.

Do you think the Brown family will manage to sell the leftover property in Vegas for a decent price? Even if they manage to do so, they will be living with a huge legal risk in Flagstaff. Let us know what you think will be the fate of this plural family in the comments below.


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Dawn Riggs

I never can understand why Kody and his girlfriends buy such high price house to began with. Especially when the main source of money coming from the TV show. Which is not going to be on air forever. Forgot which girlfriend daughter. But she needs a operation on her spine (Big headed Kody with the tweety bird hair) Said he rather her not to have it. The girl is self conscious and wear loose clothes. Kody look how you are self conscious going bald? Putting a perm straw of hair you have left. Now wearing it back like a viking.… Read more »