‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Is Moving Away From The Family Along With The Kids?

Sister Wives

In the preview video for the upcoming Sister Wives episode, Kody said that he and Robyn had some bad news. Robyn added that she hasn’t even told the kids yet, so she is pretty nervous. She also said that she doesn’t know what to do in this case. What could be the big bad news? Let’s take a look.

Sister Wives: What Do Fans Have To Say About The Upcoming Big News?

According to some fans, this is just TLC playing tricks on the viewers once again. Plenty of times, we have seen that in TLC previews they tend to build something up so that the viewers would definitely want to tune in. But when the episode airs, it turns out something pretty trivial. 

According to speculation, the landlord wants to sell Robyn’s rental. Of course, it’s not a problem for her since she and Kody have already purchased a home for themselves. Another said that there is a possibility that Robyn and Kody couldn’t work things out and they decided to separate. 

Sister Wives

Even though the chances of Robyn giving up so easily might not be high. However, one fan said that since she has gone through a divorce already, she must know that she can leave a marriage if things aren’t working out. 

Another fan says that she might not be able to have kids anymore. Previously, Robyn revealed that she won’t put a number on how many kids she was to have with Kody. However, a while back, her friend said that she is not in a situation to carry a child once again. According to her, Robyn’s previous pregnancy was difficult, and she had a really hard time putting off the extra weight. 

Fans Criticize Robyn For Buying a Nearly Million Dollar Home With Kody

A few months back, there was a huge hype about the Brown family drowning in financial debt. However, somehow, that didn’t stop Robyn from purchasing a home together with Kody. Anyway, she is now facing a lot of hate for the house. Moreover, fans are also accusing her of whining about most of the things. In fact, most fans are calling her a drama queen.

Sister Wives: Fans Want Kody To Divorce Robyn

When Kody and Robyn decided to get married, he divorced Meri to legally marry Robin. According to his explanation, they did it because this way, he could adopt Robyn’s children. Now, that it’s all settled, fans want Kody to divorce Robyn. Just like he is spiritually married to his other three wives, he should be the same way with Robyn. 

We already know that Kody and Robyn have been spending a lot of time with each other before the filming of the latest season began. So, this made fans assume that his fourth wife is Kody’s favorite. But now, that he has no legal obligation, fans want him to divorce Robyn and follow the concept of being spiritually married to all of them.

Sister Wives: Janelle Is a Fan Favorite

According to fans, Sister Wives star Janelle is the only one who tries to see the big picture when it comes to family. She is on board with Kody’s idea of the one big house for all as it goes in favor of their culture. Also, we rarely see her whining about the way they live. Not only that, but Janelle is also the least demanding of all the wives. 

So, enough about speculations and let’s get real. What do you think is Kody and Robyn’s big bad news? Let us know in the comments below.