‘Sister Wives’ Season 14: Robyn Mocks Kody’s Belief, Ready To Have Another Child?

Sister Wives

Robyn Brown seems to be the center of focus in the current season of Sister Wives. Recently, she revealed that all doors are not closed as far as the possibility of another child is concerned. Moreover, she also put on a little show mocking Kody. What’s going on? Let’s take a look.

Sister Wives: Robyn Going Out Of The Norm

Usually, we see the Sister Wives family fighting over living arrangements. But this time, Robyn Brown has done something out of the norm, which has given some comic relief to fellow cast members and fans. While Kody was away, she put on a little show of herself mocking Kody’s spiel. Her co-wives seemed to be getting a kick out of it.

Sister Wives

It continued till the Brown family patriarch caught on. He glared at Robyn, and she gave a long exaggerated smile. He has been trying to convince the wives to live together in a big house. However, his attempts have been failing for a long time. He Tweeted that there has been a lack of enthusiasm and that his dream already has a hundred stabs in it.

Robyn pointed out that in Kody’s 3D design, there is a lot of white. Besides the white walls, he plans on his furniture being white too. Well, considering that he has kids, Robyn says that not everything will be as white as he wants for long.

Sister Wives: Kody And Robyn To Have More Kids?

Robyn stated that it seems like they are done having kids. However, she is open to God’s inspiration. Their faith says that people choose where they will be born before birth. And that each child is a blessing. Kody stated that they have been doing some thinking about Ari being the last child. He is not a fan of the idea that he has to stop procreating.

Kody opens up and states in a recent episode that he sees his friends wanting to end procreating and says that he feels weird about it. Robyn says that Kody thinks he is young enough to have more kids. She has also not shut out the option. But her best friend stated that Robyn is done with kids. She gained a tonne of weight in her last pregnancy, which was very hard. Moreover, Kody’s fourth wife has a breathing problem. This makes it difficult for her to lose weight.

Sister Wives: Future Of The Brown Family

Currently, the storyline seems to be revolving around Robyn and Kody. Meri and Kody have been taking therapy to work on their relationship. What do you think is in the stars for the Sister Wives family? Let us know in the comments below.