‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jade Cline Visited Hospital Amidst Covid-19 Terror

Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline is having a tough time dealing with this pandemic situation. Recently, her Aunt Kim was diagnosed with coronavirus. Moreover, the reality star asked her fans to pray for her aunt. Jade took to twitter and wrote, “Pray for my aunt Kim, she has tested positive for Covid-19. She is extremely ill. Please send prayers her way. Thank you.”

Jade was last seen in Teen Mom 2 when she joined the other cast members. Teen Mom 2 is a reality show premiered on MTV in 2011. The series navigates their first years of motherhood. Moreover, the show focuses on the changing relationships between family, friends, and boys. However, the reality show also captures the struggles of young mothers raising children.

Teen Mom 2 Star Jade Cline Shared Her Health Updates

Currently, the star is in a hospital in Indiana. Cline is highly active on social media. Recently, she shared a story on Instagram. The MTV star even requested her fans to stay safe and healthy. “Please #stayhome unless advised by a medical professional to go to the hospital!” Right now, the Teen Mom did not give much detail about her health. But it seems like Cline was told to go to the hospital and get checked out. However, she even didn’t admit that it might be coronavirus. Although Jade promised her fans to keep then updated.

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Meanwhile, the Young mother posted a picture dotting a mask. A little later, she decided to update everyone. It seems like Jade is doing better and spending time with her daughter. Luckily, she is back home, and the mask is off. However, dehydration was the real reason behind Jade’s hospital visit. She did share that they took tests, and all came back good.

Corona Virus catches Jade’s Aunt Kim 

The Teen Mom 2 star updated on social media, that her aunt Kim is tested positive for Corona Virus. Kim has numerous times featured on the show. And now she has her separate fan base. However, Jade asked her fans to pray for the lady. And soon after her post, social media was flooded with best wishes, comments, and prayers.

Teen Mom 2

Cline further added, “What’s sad is Kim’s daughter Adrian and her little son live there. And Adrian is also pregnant, and I’m worried about all of them.” Everyone having medical issues right now, all the very best. Indeed, it is a terrifying time. In addition to that, do not miss new episodes of Teen Mom 2on MTV. Indeed this is a scary time for everyone, and a lot of the world is just staying home. Well, we’ll keep you posted with all the updates. For more, stay tuned to TV Seasons and Spoilers.