‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2 Spoilers: Is Demi Burnett Claiming The Group Date Rose?

The Bachelor' Episode 2

The Bachelor Episode 2 – Just like the game of baseball, the show The bachelor has a plethora of fixed and undrafted rules. Common sense and unspoken rules dictate that if you see a rose unattended, you don’t just go ahead and pick it up!

In the sneak peek, we can clearly see Demi Burnett claiming a rose lying around as hers. This is a perfect ‘OMG’ moment in the middle of The Bachelor’s group date. Although there can be a total of two interpretations in this scenario.

The Bachelor Episode 2: Is Demi Burnett Kidding?

The star didn’t say that the rose is hers with a straight face and a stern expression. Now, the entire picture is not clear from the video, but there is a possibility that she is just joking around. The sneak peek can be a trigger to raise the TRP of the show.

The Bachelor Episode 2: Does She Hold On To The Rose?

She picks up the rose, and probably about three seconds later, she puts it down. This shows that the star might not have an intention to unethically hold on to it. Well, unless of course, she earns it later!

Why Is Everyone So Upset By This Behaviour?

If Demi didn’t particularly do anything wrong, why does everyone seem to be so annoyed by this behavior? Perhaps her confidence didn’t go well with others. She already thinks that her chances with Colton are pretty strong and the future for her on the show is bright. The arrogance that comes with such a high level of confidence is visible. The fact that she is traipsing around, rubbing the confidence in the rest of the contestants’ face might seem the annoying trait regarding which all this fuss is about.

We don’t think being antagonistic with competitors is going to help her in the long run. It might get her some extra time on air and in Bachelor in Paradise, nothing more than that. This can also be her goal for the time being. Even though such arrogance might not help her win the show, but who doesn’t want the extra attention?

Ridiculous Accusations On Demi

Accusations state that Demi does not possess enough life experience. We understand that she might have an attitude problem or crave to be the center of attraction, but what does that have to do with life experience? Only the accusers know! Her attitude to play the game and philosophy to win might be different from others whom we have seen so far.

It is easy for fans and the rest of the cast to just assume that she won’t win. But a negative attitude or an arrogant personality has not stopped other contestants from staying on top in the past.

What do you think is Demi’s fate on the show? Will her arrogance ultimately lead to her elimination or she is really correct about being confident about impressing the bachelor? Let us know in the comments below.