The Family Chantel: Chantel Puts Tracker In Pedro’s Car To Find Out His Secrets

90 Day Fiance

Pedro is sick of Chantel’s family treating him differently. However, according to Chantel, he just doesn’t adjust and is intolerant. The constant situations in which the couple seem to reach an impasse indicates that there is so much to the story. They constantly argue and never seem to agree with each other. With all the trust issues Chantel has been having, she has finally decided to clear it all up.

Chantel Is Going To Know All of Pedro’s Secrets

Chantel refuses to give up on her relationship with Pedro. However, don’t let yourself believe that she is naive. She is ready to install trackers into his car to know his whereabouts. Moreover, if he is hiding something from her, Chantel is likely to know about it. Considering the lack of trust in the relationship, some might consider it a wise move. This might be the only way the truth will come out.

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The Family Chantel: Are Chantel’s Doubts Reasonable?

The fact that Pedro took off to the Dominican Republic indicates that he doesn’t want to make many efforts. Chantel looks like the only one interested in saving their relationship. Moreover, when he left for DR, his friends asked him to be single for the night. He took it too far and dirty danced with Coriama, a friend of his. After some days, Chantel decided to come down to the DR and meet him. Of course, the meeting didn’t go very well.

First, Pedro left Chantel hanging in the lose. Then he cheated on her and admitted that he went too far. In 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? He mentioned that divorce is the best way to get rid of all the marital problems while he was speaking to Colt. Clearly, we can see that he is not as invested in the relationship as Chantel. Chantel’s family has warned her many times that Pedro might be in this marriage just for the green card.

We once saw a scene in which Pedro was asking a lawyer whether his mom and sister could permanently stay in the US. This might be an indication that he wants the PR and then bring his family to the US.

The Family Chantel: What Do Fans Have To Say?

Most fans say that they want Chantel to dump Pedro. There are some who hate his sister. Some also say that the show seems to be scripted. However, one positive comment states that families should come together and stay happy!

Do you think what Chantel is doing is right? Should she go ahead with spying on Pedro? Or do you think this is a breach of privacy? Let us know what you feel about Chantel’s move in the comments below.


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Sandy Sophia
Sandy Sophia

Nobody cares about Chantel. Pedro should divorce her and her ridiculous family.


Pedro is the cunning one, not Chantel. Eg PRETEND to get on with Chantels family so she’l help him. Yeah that’s love….. not