The Family Chantel: Pedro and Chantel Fight On An Interview, Things Get Awkward

The Family Chantel

TLC has recently released a preview clip for ‘The Family Chantel.’ Right from the beginning of the clip, we can gain an insight into the amount of drama we are going to get. The couple has been on a rocky ride as far as their relationship is concerned. They also don’t seem to get along with each other’s family. That’s a great cause of concern.

Pedro says that the love he has for his wife is very deep. He would do anything to protect her. To that, Chantel replies with another question and asks Pedro whether he is sure. She also goes on to say that lately, it doesn’t seem like he has been protecting her. Chantel mentioned that he hadn’t been protecting her from his mother and sister. He feels the same about her family. Chantel also says that she always stands up for him in front of her family. But when he says that she loves her family more, Chantel calls him double-sided, stubborn, and a person that has double standards.

The Family Chantel

Will Pedro’s Infidelity Come In The Way Of Their Love?

When Pedro suddenly took off to the Dominican Republic without Chantel, it raised major red flags on the future of their marriage. His first night, Pedro’s family made him take off his ring, and he dirty danced with one of his close friends. Considering he messed up bad, it would be difficult for them to get past it. One of Pedro’s family’s old family friend has said that they are doing it for the wrong reason. Pedro wants the green card so that he can bring his mom and sister to the States. In a clip, we saw Pedro meeting an immigration lawyer and asking this question. We later see Chantel saying that there is no way she is letting them live with her.

He left for DR with no return ticket. Leaving Chantel hanging in the loose and then cheating on her was a risky move for their relationship. He needed a break from Chantel and her family, and he got it. But when Chantel arrived at DR and came face to face with Coraima, it resulted in a physical altercation.

Will Pedro And Chantel Be Able To Save Their Marriage?

Even though the couple has a lot of drama going on for them, they have confessed that they love each other. Their willingness to work on their relationship conveys that they are not about to give up on each other. If what they are saying is true, then chances are, they will mend their differences and stay together. However, some fans have speculated that Pedro is using Chantel for the green card. This is what Chantel’s family thinks as well. On the other hand, Pedro’s family thinks that if there is no trust between them, they shouldn’t stay married.

Most of the fans have been eager to see all the drama unfold. However, some feel that it has all going on for a long time.


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