The Family Chantel: Winter’s Boyfriend Jah’s Big Secret; What’s He Hiding?

The Family Chantel

Usually, the center of focus on The Family Chantel is always Pedro and Chantel. But this time, most fans are wondering about a possible kink that might occur in Chantel’s sister’s relationship. That’s right. Winter Everette’s boyfriend Jah is hiding something. Let’s take a look at it in detail.

The Family Chantel: Fans Dying To Know Jah’s Secret

Jah reveals on the show that he is keeping a massive secret from Winter. Moreover, the secret is such a shocking one, that it can ruin his bond with Winter. Jah entered her life when her daughter was just a baby. He is a proud father of one and has been really supportive throughout. Winter, when talking about her romance mentioned that she became an Insta mom. Jah sees eye to eye with Pedro on one thing. He thinks that Winter’s parents interfere a lot in Chantel and Pedro’s relationship. Jah doesn’t want them doing the same to his and Winter’s relationship.

The Family Chantel

He calls them overbearing and thinks that they take matters to the extreme. Clearly, he has issues with his in-laws as he feels that they pry a lot. When Jah expressed his concern regarding this matter, Winter comforted him by saying that they don’t have to worry about such behavior from her parents’ end. Since they don’t have any secrets between them, her parents won’t interfere. However, from Jah’s statement, it seems like Winter’s confidence is going to backfire.

The Family Chantel: What Is Jah Keeping From His Girlfriend?

For a long time, Chantel’s family have been tormenting Pedro due to their lack of trust. They might like Jah better than him. But that might change pretty soon. They might need to turn their investigating sight to Jah as well. It’s high time they took a break from indulging in one daughter’s relationship and focusing on another. Jah has confessed that there are some things he is keeping from Winter. He doesn’t want to scare her off.

Winter is a really positive person. It reflects on her Instagram from which Jah is totally absent. However, she has posted tonnes of captions and quotes that inspire people to stay positive. If the secret tears the couple apart, she is going to have to take her own advice. Even though Jah is not present on her Instagram, she has posted a video of his daughter Liana. The couple has been together for five years. It seems a little odd that Jah didn’t come clean with Winter about whatever it is that he is hiding.

Their relationship seemed perfect, especially, in front of Chantel and Pedro with whom drama never seems to end. But when the secret is out in the open, Chantel’s parents won’t be the ones keeping quiet.

Having secrets can disrupt even the strongest of the relationships. Do you think the secret has the potential to tear the couple apart? Or will they be able to overcome a little rough patch? Let us know in the comments below.


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