Welcome To Plathville Star Olivia Plath Calls TLC Out For Making Her Storyline Dramatic

Welcome to Plathville

In the Welcome To Plathville season finale, Moriah Plath let viewers know that her sister in law Olivia bought her a ticket to Minnesota so that she can shoot a wedding. Kim and Barry Plath, her parents were shocked. The ticket was one way. Olivia explained that what we see on TV is not ideally the real deal. Let’s take a look at what she meant.

Welcome To Plathville: Olivia’s Tweet, People Calling Her a Witch

Maria’s parents have a strained relationship with Olivia. People have been calling Olivia a witch online. She posted on Twitter in December that she hasn’t bought plane tickets for a minor without her parents’ permission. She pointed out that even if she is not on good terms with them, she won’t do it.

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She sarcastically points out that maybe the real story is not a dramatic enough storyline. In her next sentence, she mentioned TLC and stated that they even received the receipts. We know that the Plath family is known for its strict parents. They have brought up their kids in an environment that has limited access to technology. Moreover, carbonated drinks were also not an option for children.

Moriah is the second oldest daughter. Her parents described her as being opinionated. They also stated that there are some challenges they face with her. This implies that she doesn’t fall in line, according to them. Moreover, Olivia married Etan and expressed her point of view, which further complicated things in the family.

Welcome To Plathville: Barry and Kim Don’t Trust Moriah and Olivia?

According to Intouch, Olivia stated that Kim and Barry don’t trust Moriah. They also don’t trust Olivia. Olivia is also not a fan of Kim, as she has been very critical of her. She even criticized her for the stuff she used and what she ate when Etan and Olivia were dating. This has made her feel very negative about Kim.

Welcome to Plathville 2

In the case when Olivia bought Moriah the tickets, there is some framing from TLC’s end. The editing in the episode of December 10th by TLC suggested that Olivia went behind Kim’s back. A fan accused her of blindsiding Moriah’s mom. There was a smirk on her face at that time. However, Olivia said that the reason behind that smirk was that she wanted to see how the couple played their emotions when they were filming.

Welcome To Plathville: What Really Happened?

Well, technically, a person can’t take things in their hands for a minor without the authorization of their parents. So, it seems like TLC edited scenes to make it seem like Olivia did so. What do you think really happened? Let us know in the comments below.