Welcome To Plathville’s Moriah Plath Got Indulged In Social Media Banter


TLC’s Reality show Welcome To Plathville’s cast member Moriah Plath has again gained the spotlight. However, the lady is best known for her comebacks. And yet again, she has lived up to the expectation. Well, recently, the reality star had to bear the anger from her fan. However, her response made the watch worthwhile.

Welcome To Plathville is TLC’s reality show, which features the lives of 11 conservative Plaths. These basically belong to rural Georgia. And the series belongs to the list of numerous creative shows of TLC. Moreover, the channel is best known for its creative and innovative concepts.

Moriah Plath Caught In Hot Discussion Over Covid- 19

The entire world is tensed over the Coronavirus outbreak. And now Moriah was caught in talks over the same. Recently, when the TLC star posted a picture of her from a gym, started a new controversy. The photo was posted on Instagram. And it didn’t go well with the audience. “Stay the F home,” an Instagram user commented on the reality star’s post. Although, Moriah had to face some hate over her gym selfie, but the TLC star was not bothered.

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Hey everyone, this is so random but ask anyone, random is what you get with me🙄😝 being a teenager it sometimes feels like everyone expects you to know what you want in life, where to go, what roads you’re supposed to take… it’s so confusing and all of you who wanna know.. sorry i can’t give you an answer. But i can say i’m gonna enjoy the confusing journey of trying to figure things out. It’s like i’m constantly running, even running from everything i love to try to find my purpose, there’s something that we’re all here for, every single person has a purpose for being here, i can’t tell you what that is but i can encourage you to search for your passion and don’t stop running till you find it… and once you do, that will only be the beginning! Just been thinking a lot about that lately and honestly to me, that’s the fun in life,💃🏼✨ if we always knew where to go we’d never be lost, we’d also never know the feeling of finding our place and ourselves🤟🏼🖤 Happy Sunday

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Moreover, Moriah Plath is doing her best to social distance amid the coronavirus outbreak. But another user wrote, “Why are you going to the gym when the rest of the planet, like all of California, New York, Illinois, India, and Italy, are staying home?” And the hate comments got a well-deserved response. She wrote, “Yes! You’re right, and we should stay home. That’s one of the many reasons I chose a photo from December.”

Welcome To Plathville’s Moriah Plath Cleared The Air About Her Age 

Soon after the social distancing issue, Moriah took time to clear the air about her age. The 17 years old updated her photo, captioning it differently to make the matter clear. “Photo back from December. I’m trying to stay home now, and I hope all of you are too! We can get through this together!” she wrote on Instagram. The followers who are in the know might’ve already recognized that it was an old picture. In addition to that, the TLC star revealed she’d dyed the ends of her hair purple.

At that time, she called herself “seriously unpredictable” and added the hashtag #freedom. Although, at that point in time the 17 years old wanted to live alone, apart from her parents. But to her rescue, Olivia Plath was there to support her and other siblings of Ethan. “I’d do anything I could for any of them,” Olivia told fans in February 2020. However, now Olivia doesn’t stay together with her In-Laws. But Ethan’s siblings currently live with Olivia. And are busy enjoying their family time, as the season has ended. For more updates about Welcome To Plathville, stay tuned to TV Seasons and Spoilers.