Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 2019: Oops! Not So Merry For The Holiday Season

days of our lives spoilers

According to the Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 2019, the holiday season will not be a happy one for some residents of Salem. There will be a battle between the prisoners and troubles that will not let the people at ease. The month of December seems to come with lots of complications.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Battle Of Prisoners

The Days of our Lives spoilers tease that there will be a confrontation between Will and Clyde. The prisoners may battle a tough time due to some issues between them. The spoilers suggest that Clyde Weston will endeavor to hurt Will Horton. Since Will is having good relations with Ben, it seems that before any significant harm happens to Will, Ben will interfere and save him. Is it mean that Ben is now the new target of Clyde?

DOOL Spoilers for December also say that someone is the well-wisher of Ben. Ciara is desirous to release Ben out of prison. She is working hard to find the truth behind Jordan’s death, and for this reason, she will hit into Xander’s metal box, as the teaser suggests. We know he is covering something. Will Ciara succeed in finding out the truth?

DOOL: Gabi To Combat Complications

The Days of Our Lives Spoilers say while Chad and Abby are trying to take DiMera Enterprises, Gabi won’t quietly sit and watch their actions. She is already over with the Elani thing and hence will decide to do the combat. Will Gabi able to give a tough fight to the couple?

Gabi may face another problem. Lani may cause it. For months, she is hidden under convent rocks. The spoilers hint she might have a confrontation with someone she knows from Salem, and she might be Gabi? Abigail? Eli or we don’t know who.

Days Of Our Lives: Couples Troubles

days of our lives spoilers

The spoilers of the Days of Our Lives say that there will be an ill will between Nicole and Xander. It is predicted that Nicole Walker will throw accusations on her ex, and Xander won’t accept. Both of them were never good together, but it seems this month they will turn at each other as rivals.

Meanwhile, another couple will be getting closer. The Days of Our Lives hints while Will is not with Sonny anymore. She will want to move on with someone else, or you can call his name Evan. Will it be a complicated relationship with a love triangle?

Days Of Our Lives: Emotions Of Sufferings

days of our lives spoilers

The Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that in the coming days, Ari will suffer mental trauma. She is a child, and dealing with her mother and father going to jail is catastrophic. She needs a sudden therapy, or else we fear.

The father of Mickey wants his daughter’s shared custody. Eric has already lost so much time to spend with Mickey, and now he wants to repair the damage. Co-parenting and shared care have conditions and seem Eric wants Sarah to stay away with Xander. What do you guess?

DOOL: Kate’s Agenda

Kate will have a new job, and the Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that it will fill the city of Salem with excitement. People are curious to know about her agenda. Whatever it is, Kate sets her position with the people gossiping. An exciting program for sure?

Days Of Our Lives: Not So Merry Christmas

The Days of Our Lives Spoilers anticipate this holiday season, a not so merry one. The people will miss their loved ones they have lost. J. J will mourn over Haley and Sonny to miss Adrienne. For Steve, the season is not worth it without Kayla. Also, the spoilers suggest that the last day of December will be more dramatic. Does it mean that someone will return to town? Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.

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