Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Week Of July 29: Tony’s back, Hope Alert, Brady And Nicole Sleep Together

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

Days of our Lives Spoilers for the upcoming week suggest some huge revelations. Tony is back, Hope’s investigation has helped her reach a clue and DiMera is without a CEO! Nicole and Brady take it to the next step and Sarah commit a massive blunder. Sounds like a lot is going on with almost all the characters. The latest promo of the soap seems to be very interesting and full of all of the drama and action. So let’s begin with the details right away.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Week Of July 29: Tony Is Back!

Kristen will need a friend, and here it should be someone that will not be backing out. There is not anyone in Salem that is likely to keep Nicole’s identity a secret. Tony is definitely going to be her final destination! Yes, he is coming back and Kristen has to gather all the help that she can get. 

Hope Has A Clue

So there are some other betrayals that we will see for the Salem Sweethearts. Hope might be finally getting a clue in the upcoming week when she will go around Ted’s house and observe something that will be taking the relationship to a different trajectory pretty soon!

DiMera Goes Without CEO

So, the company will not have a CEO  and Gabi will come up with a plan. Viewers of the show are well aware that she was the one that put forward the idea of becoming Mrs. Stefan DiMera. Stefan and Abe Carver were completely stunned. For sure, once she does become a DiMera she will be eligible to become the CEO. Stefan finally agrees to have a wedding in the week ahead.

Is Everyone Happy With The Plan?

Nope. It seems that Rafe will be against the plan. In the promo, we can see Gabi telling Rafe who is clearly in shock. 

Brady and Nicole Sleep together

While all of this drama goes along, spoilers indicate Brady will be soon succumbing to the seductive advances. She has been trying to entice Brady for a long time. Since Holly Jonas’s presumed death, she has been acting strange. Eric saw her and Brady kiss and he has been disturbed about it ever since. But this time, they are going to take things way too far! Brady and “Nicole” will sleep together and it is sure to piss Eric off!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Week: Sarah Makes A Huge Mistake

Sarah and Rex Relationship takes a turn as Sarah makes a big mistake. She has been going on and off with Rex. Her feelings for Adam keep creeping back. They are cuddling in bed when Rex lets her know how much he loves her. 

What can Sarah do this time to screw it up? How will Eric react to his brother’s betrayal? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.


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