‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Robin Strasser Takes The Role of Vivian Alamain

Days of our lives spoilers

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease Vivian Alamain is to be recast on the show. This news has been traveling around for a while. But when Robin Strasser was seen hanging out with the DOOL crew, it was confirmed that she is going to play the role of Vivian! It would be interesting to watch an Emmy award-winning actress play such an intense character on a day time fan favorite soap.

‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: One Life To Live’s Star To Save The Day!

Robin Strasser has been all over social media lately. One of the DOOL cast members took a snapshot of the actress in makeup and uploaded it on social media. Fans are already excited to see her portray Vivian. She definitely made an impression while playing Dr. Dorian Lord in One Life To Live. She also played the role of Hecuba on Passions. One thing is for sure, she is happy to work with Ron Carlivati once again.

The Mystery Surrounding Louise Sorel Leaving DOOL

Louise Sorel left her role on DOOL when she departed from the show. However, the real reason is still unknown. At the time she was going, fans got to know from interviews that the actress was not happy about the decision. Since Vivian is Stefan’s mother, we are yet to see what changes the role has to undergo.

Supposedly, Kate shot Vivian and she was declared dead only to show up later in the dark when she recognized her captor. At that time, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf was treating many other patients. It seemed like Vivian would need some help in getting back on her feet and recovering completely from the trauma. In the coming months, it is confirmed that Vivian is going to come back to Salem. From the last time we saw her, she was wide awake and completely in her senses. It means that like Jack Deveraux or Will Horton, she is not suffering from memory problems.

Vivian’s Remarkable Entry On DOOL

After what happened to Vivian, her entry is sure to stir the plot. She obviously has a bone to pick with Kate. Most likely, with Vivian back, Kate is going to face some serious legal troubles. Provided that Vivian remembers what exactly happened, she isn’t likely to leave Kate alone. Once she is able to testify that Kate deliberately took a shot at her, Kate is going to be in real trouble.

Last time when Stefan and Vivian reunited, two totally different actors portrayed the same. This time, it would be interesting to watch the reunion scene unfold as the mother-son duo finally get to be face to face with each other again.

Do you think Robin Strasser has what it takes to bring full justice to Vivian’s role in Days of Our Lives? Are you looking forward to this major recast on Days of Our Lives? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.