‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sonny Is After The Diary, Hayley Trapped, Ben Finds Tripp

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

Will’s condition is not getting any better on Days Of Our Lives. Sonny wants to do everything in his power to save Will’s life. We are going to see him go after the diary to help Will’s condition. Stacy Haiduk is also likely to be busy. Kristen DiMera is ready to take on another role, that is, Susan Banks.

Stacy Haiduk’s Next Face Swap Is With Susan Banks On DOOL

For a long time, Kristen has been having a nice time pretending to be Nicole Walker. She has cooked up a vicious plan with Xander to rock the world of Salem residents. She has been doing a good job pretending to be Nicole. However, she hasn’t been successful in getting close to Brady. Xander also suggested that at some point, her truth might come out and they are going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Sonny Forcing Eve To Surrender Rolf’s Diary

Sonny is clearly worried about Will as his condition is deteriorating with time. He is pestering Eve to surrender Dr. Rolf’s diary as soon as possible. He is in an unstable mental state and also threatens to kill Eve if Will dies. There are chances that Eve might get him arrested for the threat. Another possibility is that Eve can feel pity for Sonny and help him make Will’s condition better.

What’s Going On With Lani And Eli?

Eli broke up with Lani as she got too attached to baby David and wasn’t able to take out any time for their relationship. But we have seen Lani say that she has missed Eli. Do you think it’s too late for them to come to this realization? According to the ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers, a reunion is in the stars. Lani and Eli might eventually get engaged and the refusal from Rafe will further pace things up.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Tripp And Hayley Are Trapped In a Fire

Ben now knows that Claire was the one starting the fire in which Ciara almost got killed. He is going to the island to confront her only to see that there is another fire over there. Most likely, he is going to suffer the blame of another fire. Eve might even go ahead and arrest him this time. The thing that is the most troublesome right now is that Hayley and Tripp are trapped on the island. Claire saw them together and assumed that they planned to run away together. That’s when she caused the gas leak and put the place on fire.

Even though Stacy is a talented actress and she loves to do what she does, she works as an Uber driver during the time the DOOL cameras are not rolling.

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