General Hospital Coming & Going February 2020: Is Luke Coming Back?

General Hospital

Hey there, General Hospital fans! Something is interesting in store for the viewers in the upcoming episodes of the show. A character might come back to Port Charles. Who is it? Are we already getting the hints? How could the story change after the comeback? Here’s everything we can consider. Keep reading to know more!

General Hospital: Who’s Coming Back? 

Any guesses on that one? Let’s think! The new General Hospital Spoilers hint that there might be a big comeback on the way. If the hints are to be taken into account, it could be Anthoney Geary reprising his role as Luke Spencer. However, there is no official news about that, but yeah, the cards tell us that could happen.

General Hospital

Earlier when Tracy Quartermaine was to come back, the story started building up the gateways for the comeback. After Brook Lynn Quartermaine came back home, Tracy’s name started getting mentioned more often, and soon after that, she made a comeback in Port Charles.

Since that has happened before, this might be a strategy to open doors for Luke. Although we still hope the viewers to hold back their excitement until we get a piece of official news about the leads.

How Is The Story Building Up As Of Now?

Lately, since Brook acknowledged that Nikolas is alive, she had been suggesting that Tracy might want to tell everything to Luke. However, Tracy has canceled that plan, but it is pretty impressive the way Luke is being mentioned repeatedly.

Tracy has previously admitted that she had turned down an offer from some mysterious investors. Following that, they went after Luke. The mysterious investors had offered to help Luke with his counterfeit tulip issues. However, they do want Dillon Quartermaine’s ELQ shares.

General Hospital: What’s More?

Tracy is urging Ned to fight for the family legacy while Brooke might get frustrated with the whole situation. In the episode coming up, Ned will be all about the tough love which Brooke might disapprove of. Meanwhile, other General Hospital spoilers reveal, Nikolas Cassadine and Ava Jerome will have to endure a bit distance as they have no trust in each other which could develop into a problem in the later parts of the deal. Moreover, Ava will try to maintain her calm as Nik keeps fussing with her head. She will keep her classic confidence and kiss Nik before she leaves for her trip.

Everything that is happening in Port Charles is leading to a story where Luke can easily come back. It is possible that Luke comes back to Port Charles in February and cause some trouble in the land. The entry will be pretty interesting to watch! It will be a delight to watch Tracy and Luke back together.

No matter what, we assure you of a lot of Drama and suspense from General Hospital. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.