General Hospital For Next Two Weeks: Willow’s Pregnancy, Lucas In Danger And More

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General Hospital Spoilers tease the upcoming two weeks will be quite dramatic and wild. There will be a lot of trouble for the residents of Port Charles. The truths will be revealed, and Confessions made, and a lot of misery and rivalry in the coming week’s episodes. Here’s everything that the spoilers reveal-

General Hospital: Lucas and Brad In Danger

Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper will be in danger. Julian Jerome will meddle with Brad’s car without giving a thought on his own son could get behind the wheel instead!
What will this result in?
The show will take a dangerous storyline when Lucas speeds his tampered car on the highway, increasing the possibilities of a mishap.

Kendra To Harm Alexis 

Kendra will cram Alexis in another car and rage over the things Alexis did to Kiefer. She will want to punish Alexis for cutting Kiefer down. What is Kendra up to? There are two possibilities- 1. She might toss Alexis out of the care 2. She lets her run over just like Kiefer. Will Kendra be successful in her revenge?

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General Hospital: Kristina To Feel Bad

In the upcoming week, Kristina will feel bad about Kendra trying to harm Alexis. She thinks that it was because of her confession Kendra was doing all of this. As per the General Hospital spoilers, Julian deserves to be blamed as well. He reacted to evil behavior and will face the consequences soon. The guilt will be brutal.

Nelle Benson’s Not-So-Lucky-Day

Nelle Benson will meet her new cellmate in the upcoming episodes. However, it is very much in the cards that she is already familiar with the face. Since Cassandra was assumed to be dead, Sam will need a new cellmate. So it might be possible that Nelle might not have a good day when she finds that two of them are the new cellmates.

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Later in the next week, Nelle will call Martin and will ask Martin to move along with her freedom plan.

General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Is PREGNANT!!!

General Hospital spoilers indicate that WIllow is all ready to reveal the truth. It seems like she might confirm her pregnancy. She will have a hard time telling it to Harrison Chase. Willow still hasn’t made mind on how she will reveal this news.

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General Hospital Spoilers tease that later in the week, Willow has to deal with a shocker along with good news. Who is it about? Is it related to Brad and Lucas, or is it about something else?

Laura To Sabotage Peter

Laura will sabotage Peter’s place to keep him around. However, this isn’t a piece of very happy news for Peter as Jason’s suspicion is taking a new shape. Will Jason be able to figure out the truth, or will Peter again getaway?

Later in next week, Peter will cheat Anna Devane. Peter will gather his possessions so he may break for it.

High Emotions for Anna

In the coming week, it will be a very emotional week for Anna. Hayden left the town leaving Violetwith Anna and Flinn. This will be a cause of a few troubles between Finn and Violet, Finn and Anna, and also Anna and Robert. What will all this be about?

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Charlotte To Confide In Nina

Charlotte has previously interacted with Nikolas without knowing who he is. However, Charlotte, a few days back, saw a picture od Nik on Lulu’s phone and is suspicious that there is something going on.
She will confide into Nina, and it will take an exciting turn when Nina ends up being the next person to know that Nik is actually alive.

General Hospital: More Spoilers 

In the upcoming episodes, Bobbie Jones will have some bad news. Carly will go to a specialist to seek help. She will step up and ask help for Lucas too. Sonny will help Kristina get rid of her guilt. Elizabeth Baldwin will be full of Gratitude regarding Drew Cain’s successful procedure. However, Liz has some questions. She wants to see how much Franco remembers.

General Hospital is full of emotions in the coming two weeks. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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