‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: April 22-26; Outbursts, Strategies, & Showdowns

General Hospital Spoilers

The latest General Hospital Spoilers reveal that one of the most sought after moments is going to be on. Shiloh and Jason are going to have a face off. The last time we saw a confrontation between them, Jason left Shiloh in blood. But this time, it is likely that he is going to hold back as Kristina’s protection is the top priority. Depending on whether Kristina gives then a slip, Sonny and Jason might have to pave the way for the execution of a new plan.

Alexis Davis is going to turn to Dr. Neil for some comfort. She is likely to be a little distracted in the upcoming episodes. There are major shockers on the way that is enough to keep the fans hooked to their TV screens.

As for the shockers, Nina might find out about the fake daughter scheme. Julian’s suspicions are rising and he might stop Ava from putting herself in danger. Curtis is going to head to Canada to get his hands on some more information about Ryan.

General Hospital Spoilers: Molly Lansing-Davis’s Fierce Side

We are soon going to witness the fierce side of Molly Lansing-Davis. Sam, Sonny, and Jason are going to be involved in a lot of drama. They are adamant on protecting Kristina Corinthos-Davis but Molly has made up her mind to track her down. Shiloh Archer might create some discrepancies that will make her rethink her impending schemes. Fans are excited to see how Sam is going to react in this time of huge crisis.

What is Carly Corinthos Up To?

As we all know by now, Carly Corinthos is one meddlesome creature who just can’t mind her own business. Michael and Sasha are going to share some steamy scenes in the upcoming episodes. Carly is likely to meet Sasha and embarrass Michael.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Ready To Bring Ryan Out Of Hiding

Kevin is more than happy to help Ava in her plan to bring Ryan out from his hiding place. They are pretending to date, and they have Laura’s support. But Mac and Lucy are about to express some level of rage as they might get the wrong idea of the entire situation.

Oscar’s Inevitable Death Approaches: Dying Wish

As Oscar approaches his final days, he calls in Jason and Cameron Webber for some serious talk. Cam is a dear friend to him. So, it is likely that he is going to agree to his friend’s dying wish. Chances are, it might involve his girlfriend Joss and something to help her move on. Who knows, Cam might end up being the boyfriend in need! Another news on Cam and Josslyn’s front is that the grieving girlfriend is going to lash out about something. She is already depressed about Oscar’s ill-health. Cam will happily take the hit.

Speaking of ill-health, Jordan is hoping to find a kidney soon. Her deteriorating health is another cause of concern. She is also likely to face some confrontations for her own good. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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