‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Has Ava Finally Found a Fake Boyfriend?

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers tease Ava, and her partners in crime have decided to come up with a plan of bringing Ryan out in the open. She wants Ryan to pay for what he did. The only way to bring him out from the hiding is to play romantic with a fake boyfriend. He is obsessed with Ava and is likely to make a rash move when he is jealous. Laura and Felicia are in for the execution of the big plan, and Ava just has to find a fake boyfriend.

General Hospital Spoilers: Scott Turns Down Ava’s Request

The bond between Scott and Ava is quite a strong one. Scott also has feelings for Ava. But for the sake of her own safety, Scott is likely to turn down Ava’s request. Even though he wants to help her, he thinks it is too dangerous to mess with Ryan. His serial killer background is quite scary.

General Hospital: Ava On The Lookout For Another Man

Another guy that could be a great fit for Ava’s fake boyfriend is Michael. Ryan has come after seven people that are close to him. He has the perfect reason for revenge. Thus, he could help Ava bringing him out of hiding. But since he and Ava are not that close, it would be less believable. The fact that Ava is dating her enemy’s son could also raise a red flag and create suspicion in Ryan’s mind. Even Franco is not willing to play any games after getting stabbed by Ryan.

Kevin might be the only candidate willing to put an end to his twin once and for all. He is already guilty that he is running around loose after hiding his brother. He would want to make amends and free the city from Ryan’s terror. However, it might be a little creepy for Ava to go along with Kevin, primarily as a fake romantic partner. Even though Laura and Felicia are worried, they want Ryan behind bars. Lulu is also in on the plan and agrees to help in publicizing the relationship.

It seems like quite a handful of people are adamant on exposing Ryan and putting him in jail. Ava is not short of help considering how desperate Kevin is getting about helping out the team. Will Ava succeed in her plan? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.