‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Snooping Around, Michelle Stafford Still Filming

General Hospital Spoilers

Ryan Chamberlain has been haunting almost every character on General Hospital for a long time now. He is currently in hiding now. But it is likely that he is going to return to Port Charles once again to pursue the love of his life, that is, Ava. General Hospital Spoilers tease this time things are going to play out completely different. Ryan won’t be able to fool Ava as she has got her backups to show him out. In the meantime, Michelle Stafford is still shooting for General Hospital which is a piece of good news for fans.

General Hospital Spoilers: What Ava Is Up To?

It seems like Ava is fed up of Ryan and his deceptive moves. This time, she has made plans to get rid of him once and for all. Ava, Laura, and Felicia have formed a fierce trio and are ready to kick Ryan to the curb. But before they do so, it is important to bring him out of hiding.

Margaux has dismissed the case, so these women are in for a dangerous plan all on their own. They know that making Ryan jealous is going to push him to the extent that he starts messing up and making silly mistakes. It is highly possible that he heads back to Port Charles to get Ava back and that is when the trio will be ready to make their move.

Ava pursuing another romantic interest is an excellent way to gain Ryan’s attention and cause him to let his guard down. They will find the right time to strike and teach him a lesson. The biggest question here is who will Ava ask to be his fake romantic partner. General Hospital Spoilers indicate that she is going to contact Scott soon. Asking for Scott’s help makes a lot of sense since he is a good friend of Ava. But there is a possibility that he might not want to go along with this plan.

Another possibility is that Ava might ask for Kevin’s help. Since he was the one who was hiding the news that Ryan is still alive in the first place, it is an excellent opportunity for him to make amends.

Michelle Stafford Still Filming For General Hospital

As fans already know, Michele Stafford is set to reprise her role as Phyllis on The Young And The Restless. GH fans are super curious to know when she will leave and how. The burning question here is whether she is done shooting for General Hospital or has packed up and left. Fortunately, some social media posts reveal that she will be on as Nina for a while as the actress hasn’t stopped filming for GH. She posted clippings of her in the dressing room as well as in the car which revealed that Michelle is still not off the set.

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Do you think the trio will manage to capture Ryan without any major deaths? What about Nina’s character? Will she just leave town or will there be more to it? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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