General Hospital Spoilers For Christmas 2019: Who Is Coming Back?

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers For Christmas 2019: Holiday bells are ringing in Port Charles, and the residents are busy prepping for the holidays. Baking, Shopping, and of course, creating and enjoying some drama. Here’s everything about what’s up with everyone in General Hospital this Christmas Holidays.

General Hospital: Someone Is Coming Back This Christmas-

The Latest General Hospital Spoilers reveal that there will be a bit of shakeup this holiday season in the Quartermaine family. Tracy is all set to come back to Port Charles this festive season. However, no exact airing date is yet confirmed, but she will be returning soon and in time for the family Christmas dinner.

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Michael And Wiley To Spend Christmas Together?

Brad is still recovering, and Lucas isn’t very accessible at the moment, either. Will all this lead to Michael and Baby Wiley spending Christmas together. Michael thinks that he is Wiley’s Godfather, but fans know the truth. He actually is Wiley’s actual father. Is it possible that he finds out the truth this Christmas?

Something Special For Nina

The new General Hospital spoilers hint that Nina will find some truths in the holiday season. As the show gets closer to Christmas, she will do something related to Valentin and his role in the Sasha Secret. It looks like she is getting closer to the truth and will surely find it just in time of Christmas.

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General Hospital: The Cassadine Wedding

Both Ava and Nina have their hands in the same glove. With all this going around, will Nina tell Valentin the secrets she knows, or will she wait? The new General Hospital Spoilers reveal that she has some exciting plans for the wedding day. She might wait for the special day to bring Cassadine into the picture. Will his wedding day get ruined with all the things he has been doing?

Ava To Please Nina

General Hospital Spoilers for the upcoming week indicate that Ava will be the savior of the day this holiday season. Who will she save? Anna partnered with Nina, and there is this race going on to find the Cassadine portrait. It seems like Ava will be the one to find it. She will defraud both Nikolas and Valentine in the process. This will please, Nina.

Julian To Be Upset This Christmas

Julian will be quite upset in the coming days. Is it because he feels left out from his family, especially Wiley, or is it because of Lucas? The upcoming General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian’s mood will worsen with time.

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Corinthos Clan To Come Together

The holiday isn’t really fun without the Corinthos clan coming together. This will bring warmth to the viewers. The entire family, along with Baby Donna, celebrate the festive. This will be Baby Donna’s first Christmas. Mike’s presence will be special too

Finn And Anna To Face A Rough Patch

The days before Christmas will be a bit difficult for the power couple of Port Charles. They might have an argument regarding what? Does it concern Violet? Till now, Finn is proving to be a great single dad, and his girlfriend is also proving to be a great help in all facets. However, they might clash about Violet or Hayden coming back to the town.

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Lucas To Finally Wakes Up?

Lucas has been in a coma for very long it seems like he will wake up this Christmas. This will be a miracle to all, including Brad, Bobbie, Julian, and everyone else in the family. Wiley’s truth might finally unfold. Her storyline has been dragged for too long anyway.

Lulu To Face Some Christmas Blues

This will be Lulu’s first Christmas after divorcing Dante. It could be a hard time for Lulu. General Hospital Spoilers reveal that she might feel helpless and low during the holidays. This could have something to do with her own emotions or maybe Rocco’s. It will be equally hard for him not to have his dad by his side. Holidays might get difficult for both of them on the emotional front.

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Franco’s Procedure To Get Deviated

Peter has relayed some rigorous instructions for Franco’s procedure. However, it seems like things might not go as planned. The new General Hospital spoilers reveal that Franco will go through a memory loss surgery and also wake up. Will Elizabeth and the boys get Franco back as the holiday gift? We will have to follow the soap to know more.

Franco To Face Disappointments

In the upcoming episodes of General Hospital, Franco will be quite disappointed. What is the reason isn’t clear yet. Has his procedure tampered, and did it not work? It seems like when Franco wakes up, he will have Drew’s memories. It is also possible that all his memories are gone. Whatever happens, that won’t help in making Franco happy.

There’s a lot of happiness on one side of Port Charles and a lot of disappointment on the other. Will this holiday vibe finally make everyone happy? We hope so. There will be no lack in the drama on Port Charles. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.