General Hospital Spoilers For December 2019: Cast, Willow’s New Best Friend & More

General Hospital Spoilers

For the last month of 2019, General Hospital Spoilers tease a lot of drama. December 2019 spoilers indicate that the coming four weeks will be full of a character exiting, a character coming to Port Charles, and a lot of medical drama. Keep reading to know more about Port Charles’s, and it’s resident’s upcoming life events

General Hospital: Hey there, Amy!

The December General Hospital Spoilers for December reveal that Amy played by Risa Dorken, is coming back to Port Charles. The Actress took social media to share the happy news. She posted a picture of a back tapping scene of the show featuring herself. She might be returning in the holidays.

General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Welcome Back, Tracy!

Yes, you read that right. Tracy is also coming back to Port Charles. Legendary actress Jane Elliot who portrays Tracy Quartermaine is reprising her role. However, when she is back isn’t clear yet. She might come back around the holidays. Are there troubles awaiting for her, already?

General Hospital

Franco is Moving On:

Franco has now made his mind to move on in his life. He will begin a new chapter in life early in the coming month. The spoilers indicate that he will get busy completing a project that needed some finishing. We suspect that it is Oscar’s treehouse. Who knows?

General Hospital

Brook Lynn To Make A Stirr

No week can go by without troubles in Port Charles. In the Coming month, Brook Lynn may be the reason for some problems at Port Charles. Who might get into trouble because of this stir? Could it be Quatermaines in general or Ned and Olivia? We don’t know just yet.

General Hospital

However, the teasers of General Hospital hint towards some romance for Brook. It will be interesting to know.

Willow And Sasha To be new best-friends

The spoilers of the GH indicate that Willow will open her heart in front of Sasha. Will this lead to both becoming best friends? As per the speculations, if Willow is Nina’s daughter, Sasha and Willow becoming good friends could prove to be very interesting.

General Hospital

How Is Alexis?

Alexis is a victim of an accident by Kendra. In the coming month, everyone, including her friends and the family, will be worried about her health.
Some General Hospital Teasers hint that Sonny will try to comfort Kristina regarding something, and Bobbie has some bad news. Are these incidents anywhere connected?

General Hospital

General Hospital: Good Bye Hayden

Hayden was in the port for a short period. Actress Rebecca Budig who portrays Hayden on the screen, will leave the soap soon. What will happen to Violet? Will she go too?
It will be so much better if she stays with her dad.

General Hospital

Finn- The Single Parent

With Hayden leaving, Finn will now try to adjust to his new single parent duties. However, he isn’t the only one adjusting. Anna will have to adapt to the new schedule too.
These changes will test Anna and Finn’s relationship. Devane has already gone through the parenting issues and might not want to undergo that again.

General Hospital

Anna Suspicious Of Peter!

The new General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is something about Peter that is making Anna suspicious. Anna will take Peter’s behavior into account and question him. If Anna finds out things, Peter can get into real trouble. Let’s see what happens!

General Hospital

Jax and Valentin To Fight?

One leading cause of Hayden leaving Port Charles is Valentin. She tries to kidnap Hayden. However, that stunt doesn’t pull off very successfully. Nevertheless, it leads to a fight between Jax and Valentin.
There will be much drama coming for the fans.

General Hospital

General Hospital: More Spoilers

In the upcoming episodes of General Hospital, Lulu and Maxi will keep up with each other. Michael will be a helping hand for someone, and Nina will face some issues. Ned will see a downfall because of Jason and Triana will help Jerome.

The show will be full of Chills with the Chilly weather. Upcoming episodes will be full of drama, emotions, and complications. It will be interesting to see how things turn out. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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