General Hospital Spoilers for January 2020: Nikolas Will Struggle With Public Appearance!

General Hospital Spoilers

According to the General Hospital spoilers for January 2020, there will be a shocking revelation on the wedding occasion of Valentin Cassadine and Nina Reeves. Someone very known has betrayed the death. So, the whole storyline will revolve around the comeback of Nikolas that will fill the air with excitement and drama.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Escaped Death!

General Hospital Spoilers tease that fans of the show will be shocked when Nikolas Cassadine will surprisingly enter the show. He’ll have to struggle with his appearance in public. As soon as he reveals himself in the wedding ceremony of Valentin Cassadine and Nine Reeves, people will want him in legal custody. Fans of the show know that at the time of his death, Nikolas was an absconder. Therefore he will face legal challenges.

General Hospital Spoilers

Moreover, Jordan Ashford is keen on Nikolas. She will anyhow want to question him about his whereabouts. Also, what does he know in the context of Valentin’s actions before the wedding? The police commissioner probably will interest in asking him something related to Ava Jerome and how she ended up in icy waters of Wyndemere. Will Nikolas support her telling that Valentin deliberately pushed Ava off the castle?

Also, when he has come back, it seems that Nikolas will reclaim all his possession. How long will this battle of fortune go?

GH Spoilers: Happy Or Not Happy?

General Hospital spoilers predict that with the news of Nikolas’s return, some people would be happy. However, some maybe not. The promo indicates that Sonny Corinthos is not pleased to know the fact that Nikolas. In fact, he is upset with Carly Corinthos from keeping the way reality. However, Laura Collins won’t be sad that Carly, Jasper, Nina, and Ava hide away the fact from her.

General Hospital Spoilers: Confrontation & Revenge

General Hospital Spoilers

Jason and Jordan will have a face-off when Jordan asks him about his enmity with Sonny. They had always been quarreling, and now the mum of Jason teases that yes. They are enemies one again, but he won’t bother to tell Jordon what both of them are up to.

In Charlie’s pub, Ava will confess Julian Jerome that she will have revenge. Is she talking about the incident that happened over the codicil? Valentin attempted to murder her, and she will avenge this from him? It seems that Valentin is trying to escape Port Charles. Will he succeed in his mission? Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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