‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Next Two Weeks: Chase Threats Scorpio, Nikolas Is Alive

General Hospital Spoilers

According to the General Hospital Spoilers for the upcoming two weeks of November 2019, Ryan’s wrath will come out. Alexis is on the worse between life and death. The knot of the relationship between Kim and Drew is breaking. Chase threats Robert and a lot more to come.

General Hospital Spoilers: Cassandra To Provoke Ryan?

There is news of Ryan potentially attacking a female inmate. Well, it is not confirmed yet, but sources say that there is a possibility someone will instigate Ryan. That someone may happen to be Cassandra who will provoke him.

General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis On The Worse

Alexis Davis is in serious condition. Remember how she was hospitalized overnight? Jason Morgan will receive a phone call that is regarding Alexis’s health. Her health is deteriorating rapidly, and her problem remains unsolved. Reports say that Julian Jerome will eventually head to General Hospital to check on Alexis. Both of them were already connected, and this nightmare may succeed in bringing them together. Will Alexis Davis survive?

Spoilers say that Julian may also reveal the deadly threat anytime because he is involved in the story. He has even met with Kendra Lennon. Julian will give Brad an ultimatum. Brad will have a choice of divorcing Lucas Jones and leave. Or else! Brad will fight back, but he won’t have any opportunity of saving the relationship with Lucas.

Kim Nero To Break Ties With Franco?

In General Hospital, the couple is struggling with their relationship. Kim Nero does not assume any future with Drew Cain. So doesn’t he. After their last conversation with each other, their relationship doesn’t seem with possibility. Kim is the one who doesn’t hope for the future. While Drew suggested that he still want to stay with Kim, but Kim is won’t. At least, not until she fixes herself. There is a minimal possibility.

In the coming week, Kim will move ahead to end the things on a better note. She is not happy to deal with the chapter like this, but she must do so. In a short period, Drew will realize something startling. What will he find out? Is his realization regarding Cameron Webber that he was drinking? And it could intensify drew’s guilt of abandoning the “Friz” family.

Kim is broken, and she is not the same anymore. She has passed through so much and therefore needs closure. She might cut ties with Franco aka Drew, who is also not unaware of her mental disturbance. Let’s see how well they deal with it. Will they split?

GH Spoilers: Chase To Threat Scorpio

In General Hospital Spoilers, Robert Scorpio will receive a threat from Harrison Chase. He will feel that Robert Scorpio wants to steal Anna Devane from Hamilton Finn. Chase is a caring brother. He will ask Robert to back off and let Finn deal with his daughter’s drama.
Finn and Hayden Barnes will also have some inwardness. They will discuss Violet Finn to make the things better, as much they can.

General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks: Nikolas Is Alive

Carly Corinthos will do an agreement with Jasper. Their deal includes keeping a secret from Sonny Corinthos. It perhaps is about Nikolas Cassadine’s survival.

Also, there are some issues of Avery Corinthos that need to be addressed. Nikolas shocked Ava by revealing himself in front of her. Eventually, she will have some clarity and relieved to know it. If we talk about Laura, she is not ready to face the truth. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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