General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks: Peter’s Guilt Causing Him Panic And Problem!

General Hospital Spoilers

According to the General Hospital Spoilers for the next two weeks of January 2020, even after saving Franco from dying, Peter is in panic. Nelle Benson is free, and Corinthos is not happy with this. There will be confrontations between people and injuries are possible. Nikolas and Ava will understand each other. There is a lot more drama in Port Charles!

General Hospital Spoilers: Peter’s Panic

Peter saved Franco Baldwin from dying and then refused the dinner invitation from Franco and Elizabeth. Since Peter was the one who conspired the assassination, so, thanksgiving dinner is not suitable for him. Instead, the refusal will make him nervous, and Jason Morgan will notice his panic. Waiting for him to make any mistakes, he is keeping a keen eye on him.

GH Spoilers: Nelle Benson Free! 

General Hospital Spoilers

Nelle Benson is out of jail, and her announcement will shock Corinthos and other Port Charles residents, stumbling. Possibly in an upcoming memorial, she will announce herself Shiloh Archer’s widow. Carly Corinthos will be angry about Nelle’s freeship. In fact, she will believe that it is her strategy for ELQ shares. Also, Harrison Chase will have important updates to disclose. He will probably give some hint about Corinthos’s case. Is there a new enemy trying to target Sonny Corinthos? 

General Hospital Spoilers: Struggle & Disturbance!

In the coming days, the court may deliver an order. Valentin Cassadine will realize that the court’s drama will go worst, and he will struggle with Nikolas Cassadine for Cassadine estate. Also, there are possible confrontations between Joss, Nelle, and Sasha Gilmore. The encounter will irritate three of them, but Nelle will be more disturbing when Michael, in Sasha’s defense, will attack her.

Meantime, Josslyn will also catch there in the crossfire. There will be chaos at home, and thus Sonny will deal with an outburst from Mike. Sonny may also head ER to support Michael for the consequences. Maybe Joss suffered injuries. 

GH Spoilers: Understanding!

General Hospital spoilers tease that Nikolas and Ava Jerome will understand each other in the upcoming days. Both of them will be on the same page. Ava will be planning some cool things for Nikolas. 

General Hospital Spoilers

Moreover, Sonny and Mie will also improve their bond during their road trip. It seems that this may cause Sonny to change his mind of studying abroad. All he needs is closure. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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