General Hospital Spoilers For Next Two Weeks: Sonny To Help Mike, Jordan To Be Merciless

General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers for next two weeks tease too much drama. During the first week, that is, 9-13 December, Sonny will be hopeful about Mike and his treatment. Along with that, Munro might suggest some enzyme study in Sweden. Will that help Mike? The details about the show are right here for you-

Sonny To Help Mike

In the week spanning from 9-13 December, Sonny is all ready to do anything to make sure that Mike gets a spot. It seems worth it as it may give Mile sometime with his family. The spoilers indicate that Sonny will get to hear something in the week coming up. He will hope for the best. He will also be very thankful to Griffin for all the help, no matter what the result turns out to be.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lulu and Olivia On The Same Boat

The General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Lulu and Olivia will try and understand each other’s positions. Either of them doesn’t seem to want Brook Lynn back in Port Charles. But they will have to deal with that anyway. When it comes to Brooke, nothing is simple. Both Olivia and Lulu will have to try harder.

General Hospital

Ned To Remain Curious 

Ned Quartermaine will remain curious and concerned in the case of her daughter. Brook is facing a hard time from someone. But Who? We don’t know yet. Brook might very soon catch up with the past and know the truth. Will all this take Ned into the trouble?

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly to be intrigued by Ava

In the upcoming episodes, Carly will be quite intrigued by Ava. Carly will come to know that Ava is checking the Shadybrook. He will start wondering if Ava is really ready for that? If, in any case, Ava makes cryptic comments, it could get Carly into thinking. Is it about Ava learning about Nikolas Cassadine’s survival truth?

General Hospital

Has Chase Cracked The Case?

More General Hospital Spoilers reveal that Harrison will find out a few things that might surprise her. Is it about Julian Jerome and his guilt? Or has he successfully cracked the case? Even if not, He surely will make some progress.

Here’s what the Spoilers from the week of December 16-20 reveal

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth to be on her nerves

The Spoilers of week next to it, that is, 16-20 December, indicate that Peter August will have a hard week. Elizabeth will be very nervous throughout the week. They are both curious to know the results of Franco’s memory procedure. They don’t want him to come back with any drew memories.

General Hospital

Franco To Be Devastated

In the laster week, Franco will go back to Elizabeth to catch up on everything. Like, Drew Cain’s death, The betrayal with Kim Nero, and more. On the other side of the town, Nina will learn the truth. She will try and figure out what to do now.

Sonny To Get Suspicious- 

Sonny will Sparr Carly with something. There is a possibility that Sonny might remain concerned about Jasper and how Carly is defending him. Sonny will also get suspicious that Carly really is hiding something huge.

General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle To Be Very Calm

Nelle Benson seems quite calm in the upcoming episodes. Now, this is also possible that the calm is just a mask, and she is irritated and nervous deep in her heart. Nelle does have concerns about the Willey-Cooper-Jonas situation. However, she is trying very hard not to make it visible for her cellmate Sam McCall.

Jordan Ashford To Be Merciless

Other General Hospital Spoilers indicate that Jordan Ashford will be quite ruthless in the forthcoming episodes. Julian Jerome will do something that might lead to Jordan calling for an arrest. He is very guilty for all his deeds and does not wants to go away from Lucas. Julian might lose it all if he gets arrested while Lucas is fighting to survive.

General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers are indeed indicating towards some fascinating and fun episodes. So, don’t miss any of the drama. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.