General Hospital Spoilers For Spring 2020: Willow And Michael To Get Married?

General Hospital

The spring of 2020 is bringing in a lot of action in General Hospital. There are a lot of decisions, tactics, reunions, weddings, romance, and a lot of other emotions. While Willow is deciding something crucial, she may start a new relationship with Michael. Sasha and Chase might get closer too. The custody battle will get really REALLY heated up. Sonny will get vulnerable. Last but not least, there might be a comeback that would shake everything up on Port Charles. Read here about all these storylines and possibilities

General Hospital Spoilers: What Is Willow’s Decision?

Willow is already grieving. The whole custody battle s working like fuel to the fire. Michael wants Baby Wiley’s custody really bad, and Willow wants to be with her baby too. Does this mean that the two could get on the same team and stand united? Willow is very protective of the baby. The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal that Willow will do some thinking to find some solution. Will she marry Michael to keep Nelle away from the baby?

General Hospital

The Willow-Michael Wedding

Willow and Michael do anything to protect baby Wiley. This could even mean that the two of them getting married. The two will start out as friends because it looks like the right thing to do, but eventually, that could take a romantic turn. This could happen fast. Both of them care for each other. Both of them are attractive. So, this wouldn’t’ t really harm anybody.

Sasha And Chase To Come Close

The General Hospital spoilers for the spring suggest that things will start taking new turns in Port Charles. Willow and Michael may for sure get married, but that won’t be enough. They will have to make the marriage look believable too! The two will have to stick together. They can’t just get married and start romancing other people. Will all this cause Shasha and Chase to come together? Can this be the new relationship in the town?

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Nelle And The Chaos At Crimson

Now talking about Nelle, she is doing everything in her power to gain Baby Wiley’s custody. She is even focusing on re-establishing herself in the town. To help her, Nina has recently hired Nelle to help at Crimson. However, many fans disagree with this move. One fan even suggested that Nelle could maybe cause some trouble for Nina and Jax.

Rest In Peace, Mike! 

It looks like Mike will not be around for long. All the things happening indicate that Mike and his condition is only deteriorating. And, it will be just a matter of time before he leaves us all. Unfortunately, Sonny thinks that he hasn’t done enough for his lovely dad, although he has. Owing to all this, Sonny might have a breakdown there.

General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Is On The Edge!

Poor Sonny is already dealing with a lot at this moment. Cyrus died some time ago, and now his dad, the guy is juggling a lot. All of this might affect his mental stability. Will Sonny forget about taking his medicines and suffer a relapse regarding his mental health issues? This could make the guy really vulnerable. Will he have to face the consequences of this? Or is it Sonny’s some old enemy who has switched his medication? Only time will tell.

 Jason And Sam To Break Up?

It’s not just Sonny who is going through a lot. JaSam is kind of heading towards breaking this spring, So, Jason and Sam are going through a lot too. General Hospital spoilers suggest that the two will have a big BIG fight. Post this, Jason will think it is better for both of them to stay away from each other for some time. Of course, both of them love each other, but that’s true that maybe staying apart could bring them more closer later? But how long is it before both of them celebrate a reunion?

General Hospital

Julian and Britt May Continue To Heat The Town

Fans who have been keeping up with General Hospital know that Julian Jerome and Britt Westborn are the new pair in Port Charles. The two of them are constantly considering their histories. However, the latest General Hospital spoilers for spring reveal that their romance might be more than just a one-night-stand. They might actually continue to be together in spring.

General Hospital Spoilers: Molly To Go To Brando For Help

Undoubtedly, Molly loves T.J. However, she has rejected his proposal, and that is creating problems between the two sweethearts. Along with that, T.J. getting kidnapped by Cyrus and MIA isn’t’ t helping right now. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Molly will get worried in the forthcoming weeks. Because of this, she might to on and approach Brando for some help. In the process of helping and getting help will a connection spark between these two?

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Peter’s Truth To Come Out

Peter has many times dodged the bullet before and came out safe from various troubles. In fact, he did that very recently too. However, Fans who are keeping up with General Hospital know that Peter’s truth will be one day, or the other comes out. Now that Spinelli is around, it looks even more possible. Peter has only a few days to himself. If there is anyone who can reveal Peter’s truth, it is Spinelli. Liesl has been convicted for the crime she hasn’t’ t committed, so it won’t be possible to lock her away for long.

The Anna-Finn Wedding

It’s the tale of the real-world when it takes months or maybe years to plan a wedding. In the soap opera world, this happens really quickly. Sometimes even in days. Now in Port Charles, Anna and Finn are preparing for their big day, The Wedding. This wedding might happen in spring. Will this wedding go on without any trouble?

General Hospital

Is Hayden Coming Back?

Anna and Finn’s wedding is happening soon. Violet first seemed a bit hesitant about that wedding, but now it looks like she is warming up and accepting it. General Hospital fans know that not many weddings can happen on the soap opera without some drama, so, who will create it? Hayden’s name is being thrown around at Port Charles a lot lately. Is it possible that Hayden comes back and crashes Anna and Finn’s wedding?

General Hospital Spoilers: Maybe It Is Alexis!

If not Hayden, another possibility to consider for creating drama could be Alex. It is possible that Alex might somehow come back to Port Charles and kidnap Anna. He might even replace her just before the wedding. This will put Finn in a very difficult spot. In fact, not only Finn but Violet too. Alex may come back to Port Charles to try and get closer to Peter. After all, there is still a possibility that Peter is his son.

General Hospital

This spring will be full of drama, reunions, suspense, comebacks, and of course, romance. It will be interesting to see how all these storylines play out. So, don’t miss out on any action in General Hospital. Keep watching the soap opera for more entertainment. Along with that, stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates. Also, in this crucial time of the pandemic, stay home, stay safe.