General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of 2 December: Alexis And Brad’s Medical Condition To Get Worse?

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers for next week tease there will be a lot happening. There will be a lot of romance, drama, action, and plot twists. While Jason will ambush Ned, Someone will be fighting for their life, and someone might have to face a confrontation.
Keep reading to find out more about these storylines.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason to Ambush Ned

Spoilers for the upcoming week hint that Jason will ambush Ned. However, not much is yet clear about what will happen, but Ned will start thinking of what his cousin is trying to do. Is it something about Sam or Jason wants to be a part of ELQ? Or is something entirely different cooking up? We don’t know yet! Fans will have to follow up with the show to know.

Jax And Valentin To Fight Again?

Jax and Valentin might get into a heated conversation in the coming episodes. Soap’s storyline has been hinting towards this event for long now. This confrontation might take place in the early days of the week. Valentin now knows about Codicil and also about Jax’s plan. It will be interesting to witness the event between the two.

General Hospital Spoilers: Franco To Move On

In the upcoming week, Franco will be all ready to move on in life. He will also finish some old business as he is determined to complete an important ongoing project.
In other teasers, Liz might become uncomfortable, but the reason is not very clear at the moment. Is it because of Franco? Or is something else worrying her?

General Hospital

Alexis And Brad Not Well

In the coming week, fans might witness Alexis and Brad fighting for their lives. Kendra is targetting Davis now, and it is possible that Brad might get into the crossfire.
In the meantime, Kristina will be worried where Sonny will help her calm down. Lucas may appeal to Brad in the coming future. Will he request him to pull through, or is something else?

Bobbie Has Some Bad News

As per General Hospital Spoilers, Bobbie has some bad news for everyone. Is it something related to Alexis and Brad? Either one or both of them may have some serious medical condition because of the accident. We hope both Alexis and Brad turn out fine.

General Hospital

Jordan And Her Investigations

Related General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jordan will speak about how her investigation is incomplete. What will this be about? Something associated with Alexis and Brad?
Fans who have been following general hospitals know that Kendra’s intentions are not right. However, she may be able to cover her tracks.

General Hospital: The Corinthos Family

Both Alexis and Brad are making no medical progress, and this is affecting the Corinthos Family. Michael will be a helping hand for the family. He might either help Kristina or maybe babysit Wiley? We don’t know. Teasers of the show suggest that Sonny will develop sympathy for someone, and Carly will have to cut her plans and return to the hospital because of something urgent.

Julian To Find Out Something

Julian will find out something devastating in the upcoming episodes. Is it something to do with Alexis and Brad’s degrading health? Or has he figured that Alexis is aware of Baby Wiley’s truth?
There is a possibility that he will expose something disconcerting about the whole event.

General Hospital

Lulu And Maxie To Catch Up 

Lulu and Maxie are the new BFFs in town, and they will leave no opportunity to spend time together. In the upcoming episodes, Maxie and Lulu will catch up and talk about everything going on in their lives recently.

In addition to this, Olivia will be optimistic, and Willow will confide into Sasha. With so much happening in Port Charles, Fans will, for sure, be engaged with the soap. We hope Alexis and Brad get better soon. What are your expectations with the storyline? Tell us in the comment section below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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