General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of February 17: Is Nelle Leaving Port Charles?

General Hospital

A lot could happen in Port Charles this week of February 17. General Hospital spoilers for the week reveal that someone might be leaving the town, and a few secrets might finally come out. There is confrontation, suspicion, warning, and banter ahead. Here are the details about all these storylines.

Is The Baby Switch Secret Finally Coming Out?

General Hospital spoilers for the week hint that the baby switch secret might really come out this time. Lucas will start having some flashbacks in the week to come, and it is somehow related to the night the whole car accident happened. So, is it possible that Lucas might get a flashback of Brad confessing about the whole baby switching secret? He may, and that’s when the entire truth might come out.

General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Leaving Port Charles?

General Hospital spoilers for the week reveal that Nelle will try to go away from Port Charles this week. Does that mean she is leaving the town? That could really be one big plot twist. However, it is possible that Nelle would just disappear from now and pop up when nobody really expected that. Will she take Wiley with her in all these events? We will have to wait and watch.

General Hospital

Something is very VERY Wrong!

There is always something happening at Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers tease that now Michael will get suspicious of something. Owing to this suspicion, he will start feeling that something wrong is happening. Is it something to do with Nelle’s possible exit? Is she really taking away Wiley? There are other possible characters such as Brad and the Wiley secret, Sasha, and so much more. So, there are a lot of possibilities available there.

General Hospital

Confrontation On The Way For Jordan

It looks like there are problems and confrontation on the way for Jordan. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will meet up with an old enemy in the upcoming week. There might even be a confrontation between them. Other spoilers reveal that Curtis is also planning to confront Jordan about something. Someone will also put Curtis on notice. So, things are bound to get interesting Port Charles.

General Hospital

Sonny To Warn Someone

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny won’t be sweet anymore in the days to come. He will warn someone and make sure his intentions are put out clearly. Who could it be? Sonny is someone nobody should cross with. He always acts on his threats, and he definitely isn’t someone anyone would and should have as an enemy.

General Hospital

Lulu To Run Into Valentin

General Hospital spoilers for the week hint that Lulu and Valentin will run into each other in the days to come. A lot is going on with Cassadine this week, and the General Hospital preview video indicates that the guy will pull a gun on Jax in the days to come. How will this “run-in” affect Lulu? Will there be a dire situation for her? Or both of them will start their co-parents banker again?

General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: There’s More! 

Along with this, there are a lot of other things happening at Port Charles. Chase will be the bearer of some bad news for sure. What is this news? We don’t know yet. Could it have something to do with Nelle?

Along with that, The upcoming week will also be full of opinions. Molly will be keeping her views on some matter of interest in the days to come. Jason will do the same. It could have something to do with Peter. In addition to this, it looks like Bobbie and Carly will have plans to get together. Finn and Anna will also bump into each other. Both of them are in tension because of Peter, so, will this turn out to be good?

There are a lot many storylines developing in General Hospital in the week of February 17. Everything that is happening will only add up to the entertainment of the viewers, so stay tuned. Keep watching General hospital and keep checking this space for all the latest news and updates. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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