General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of Jan 20: Valentin To Give Up Charlotte’s Custody?

General Hospital

The General Hospital Spoilers for the week of January 20 indicate that there will be a lot of drama and emotions in Port Charles. While Valentin might have to face the consequences of his own deeds, Finn might question his father. Nikolas might even be in big trouble in the upcoming episodes. Keep reading to know everything that could happen in General Hospital

Will Valentin Win The Custody? 

In the week of January 20, Lulu will do everything she needs to get Charlotte’s custody from Valentin even if that means threatening Valentin. Later in the week, he will get a notice from the court informing him that Lulu is applying for Charlotte’s sole custody. Lulu quite firmly believes that Valentin is a bad influence on their daughter, and she is quite done with him after witnessing everything that has happened after his marriage with Nina. Valentin is all ready to fight when he is served, but the question is, will he win.

General Hospital

Finn To Confront Nik 

It seems like Finn really is done wit Nikk. In the upcoming week, he will confront Nikk and give him the last warning. He recently discovered that he was the reason that Hayden left the town. It feels like Nikk will unload all his anger on Nik. He is frustrated about Hayden’s departure. Nik had also helped Cassandra with a road map to escape Port Charles. Will Finn find out the truth about this? We’ll have to wait to find out.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas To Be In Trouble

It seems like the coming week will be full of troubles for Nikolas. Earlier in the week, he will have to deal with Ava, his wife. She’s made it clear, already that Nikolas should not hope of getting what he desires until she gets everything she wants. Will this cause more trouble between the two? Later in the week, Nik will also be confronted by Spencer. He will have to explain why he left his son in the illusion of his death for years? Nik himself has gotten himself into this trouble, so now, he will have to face all of it. How will he tackle all of it? It will be quite interesting to watch.

General Hospital

Sonny Comforts His Father

Family is all you have at the end of the day. It seems like it will all be about family in the upcoming episodes of Port Charles. In the episodes to come, Sonny will comfort his father, Mike. Yvonne, Mike’s girlfriend, might suffer a medical crisis in the episodes to come. Other spoilers indicate that Jordan is in a hurry to deal with some emergency. Could it be related to Yvonne somehow? Viewers who have been following the soap for long might remember how earlier in the show how Mike took the ring from Finn with which he was planning to propose Anna. Mike proposed Yvonne with that ring instead. Although the ring eventually came back to Finn. What will happen to Yvonne? How will Mike deal with everything? We hope everything turns out to be okay.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brooke To Leave Nelle Shaken

The spoilers for General Hospital for the week of January 20 hint that Brook will visit Neele. Has she found out the truth about baby Willey? Or is it something else? No matter what it is, it will leave Nelle in a cramped space. If the rumors are to be believed, Nelle will offer to pay Brooke for everything that she has done. However, with all the financial area she is in, it will be a tough task for her to decide what could happen.

General Hospital

Mike To Impress Glady

More spoilers tease that Mike’s cousin Glady will be quite impressed in the week to come. Long-time viewers know how Sonny paid her off to pretend that she is Dev’s grandmother so he could continue to stay in the U.S. And now, it seems like Sonny will impress her. She will be impressed by the love Sonny has for his father and his willingness to do anything to help Mike.

What’s Up With Brad? 

Brad is behaving all weird this week, and Willow will grow frustrated with that. She has decided to find out what is wrong with him. Now, since Nelle is out of prison, Brad is afraid that baby Wiley’s secret could come out anytime soon. It is only adding to his tension. Will all this cause trouble between the two? Will Willow find out the truth? Let’s see.

General Hospital

Nikolas and Ava to adjust to an agreement

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava and Nikolas will adapt to an agreement soon. Ava is all trying to smooth the things between her and her new husband. Will they agree to work together and put Valentin behind bars? Later this week, Nina and Ava will be shocked by something. Is it something to do with Lulu?

What’s More?

Spoilers for General Hospital indicate that Sonny will have to answer a lot of questions in the upcoming episodes. Additionally, Michael will be appreciative of Ned and the influence he has on Tract. Sam and Jason have something to talk about, Peter. Is this the time when they find out the truth? We will wait and watch. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.