General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of March 30: JaSon To Split?

General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 30 reveal that there is a lot of drama coming up in Port Charles. There will be confrontations, and Mike’s health will deteriorate. Brando will keep very busy this week, and JaSam might part ways. Along with that, Monica has some good news, and Trina will be upset. Julian will be concerned, and Finn will help one of his friends. Keep reading to know more details on all these storylines-

General Hospital Spoilers: Confrontations And Confrontations

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming week will bring in a lot of drama in Port Charles. Nelle will confront Carly about something. Will things go to their regular after this confrontation or something else will happen? Not only will a Nelle-Carly confrontation take place, but Curtis will go on to confront someone too. He wants to know more about Tagger, Robert, and Laura. So, he might go to confront Cyrus.

General Hospital

Mike’s Unstable Health!

In the forthcoming week, Mike will get really, really disoriented. It looks like his health will decline. This news will break Sonny and the whole Corinthos clan. They will have to watch Alzheimer’s taking over the man completely. Here are our best wishes and support for Sonny and all the friends and family who need it.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brando To Be A Busy Bee

This week Brando will be a busy bee. He is doing so many things on the land of Port Charles. First from the list is, he will let Carly in at one point and be really, really open. He will also meet Molly and provide her with some assistance. What will Brando help Molly with?

General Hospital

Jason And Sam To Part Ways

General Hospital spoilers also suggest that Jason and Sam won’t do very well this week. In fact, things will get so serious that Jason will offer Sam a warning. He is feeling uneasy about everything that is happening right now. By the end of the week, Jason will think that it is better for both him and Sam to part their ways for some time now.

General Hospital Spoilers: Monica Has Some Good News

Now delivering some positive General Hospital update. This week in General Hospital, Monica seems to have some really great news. Does it have something to do with Michael and Baby Wiley’s condition? It’s a nightmare for parents to see their little one in Hospital. So, Michael could use some good news about Wiley.

General Hospital

Trina Is Upset!

Other General Hospital spoilers reveal that Trina will overhear something, and it will really upset her. Does it have something to do with her father’s demise? The poor girl is still mourning. Anything that is said to her now could trigger her. Other related teasers reveal that Jordan will feel conflicted this week. She has gotten herself into a lot, so it doesn’t come as a shock when she is feeling so much.

Julian Is Concerned!

This week Julian will be concerned about something. Is it because of his participation with the Baby Wiley’s swap? Or maybe because of Lucas and Brad’s accident? His and Britt’s one night stand was pretty interesting. However, we cannot skip the fact that her coming closer to Brad could be the reason for Julian’s concern.

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers: Finn Know’s It All

General Hospital spoilers also suggest that in the upcoming week, Finn will have a feeling that would tell him that one of his friends is in trouble. Who could this friend be? Will Hamilton be the person who needs some help? Or does it has something to do with Chase? Or maybe Hayden? We don’t know just yet.

Nina and Charlotte’s Quality Time

In the upcoming week, Charlotte and Nina will get some quality time together. General Hospital spoilers suggest that they will get time to hang out. It is good to see that despite the fact that Nina has no biological connection with Charlotte, they are spending time and embracing their special bond. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.