General Hospital Spoilers For The Weeks Of 18 November: Will Carly’s Secret Blow Up?

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General Hospital Spoilers reveals yet another week full of Drama and Chaos. Someone will be returning to Port Chuckles, there’s a confrontation, and there are revelations in the upcoming episodes.

The new spoiler for the week indicates confrontation between Lucas and Brad and unfriendly meet between Kim and Hayden, Lynn’s return, and much more.

Hayden and Kim might have an unfriendly encounter

According to the new spoilers of General Hospital, Fans can expect an unpleasant meet between Kim and Hayden. It is possible that Hayden may give Kim a piece of advice regarding the “Dranco” situation.

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Hayden and Liz have become very close, so there is no doubt that Hayden will support Liz, and her relationship with Kim may get even bitter.
Hayden might be bullied in the episodes to come.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucas will face his hubby

In the upcoming week’s episodes, Lucas may meet his husband, Brad. What the fans will have to wait for is that whether Baby Wiley’s storyline blows up or those same old accusations will roll between the two.
Although we hope that the truth unfolds now, it has now been dragged for very long.

Nina is returning to the Mansion

In the week’s upcoming episodes, Nina will decide to go back to the Cassadine Mansion to be with Valentine and Charlotte. Jax will also confront her in the days to come.

With everything Charlotte and Valentin have been through, Valentine will be overly protective of her in the coming week.

Brook is coming back to Port Charles 

It seems that Brook Lynn Ashton is making a comeback in the new coming episodes. Brook is the offspring to Ned Ashton and Lois Cerullo. Brook was last seen in 2011 and might appear in the episode that will air on 18th November. Since she has been out of the picture for so long, Viewers will get plenty of details about her new life.

How Is Mike Doing?

New General Hospital spoilers reveal that the new episodes will focus on how Mike is doing. Stella might provide updates on that. It will be exciting to see how things turn out to be good or bad.

Clary might point out some changes in Mike. In addition to this, Sonny will become more suspicious than ever. Does this mean that Carly’s secret can blow up now? We will have to wait to know.

General Hospital spoilers: Unexpected Visitors for Jax and Laura

In the coming week’s episodes, Jax and Laura might be taken aback with unexpected visitors. Could it be Cassandra? Or Nikolas or maybe Jerry as he has decided to anyways come back to the port. Fans will have to wait to know who is the mysterious visitor.

Jason asks for Help

General Hospital Spoilers reveals that Jason will turn to Spinell for his help. It might be regarding Cassandra and the things Sam had to go through because of her escape. Damien will undoubtedly help and assist Stone Cold with whatever he needs. In the aftermath of what happened in the past week, Sam might feel a little shaken.

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Franco will visit Monica in the coming week. The way both of them are bonding, it is adorable. May the two keep supporting each other this way. Other than this, Finn will be punished by his brother Chase. What could be the reason? Is it the Hayden/Violet/Anna situation? Stay tuned to know the answers. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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