‘General Hospital Spoilers’ For Week Of March 23: What Has Happened To Mike? Sonny Tensed!

General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 23 promise an action-packed week. Sonny will get bad news, Spinelli will land in a bad place. There are confrontations between Curtis-Jordan and Nelle-Carly. Brook will continue seak revenge, and Willow will take her time to heal. A lot will happen on the show to keep the fans hooked. Here are all the details on these storylines.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny To Get Bad News

The new General Hospital spoilers reveal that this week will be stressful for Sonny. He will start the week with a bang, but as the week moves forward, he will receive some bad news. Does that have something to do with Mike? Later in the week, Sonny will receive an urgent call and get some information about Mike. Is it the news that all the General Hospital fans have been dreading?

General Hospital

Spinelli To Land In Hard Place

In the week of March 23, Sam will need some help. Firstly Jordan will mislead her about something. After that, she will go on to Spinelli to seek help. As the week moves forward, Spinelli will find himself in a very sticky situation. Maybe it is because of whatever he is helping Sam with. This will land him in a hard place.

General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis To Confront Jordan

This week something will shock Curtis. At the beginning of the week, he will be in a tough situation. As the week moves on, He will go and confront Jordan about something. In the meantime, Jason will try to reason with Jordan. However, it looks like all his talk won’t do any good, and Jordan will not change his mind.

General Hospital

Brook To Seek Revenge!

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Brook Lynn will seek revenge for something that has been done to her. What could this be? Who will she seek revenge from? Does it have something to do with Lulu or maybe someone else? Unfortunately, Brook is just an adult version of a brat. She likes to get things done the way she wants. If that does not happen, she like retaliation. It looks like she may seem to have something in the days to come.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Custody Hearing

As the week comes to an end, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will confront Nelle. It looks like the two women will pick up from where they left when Benson was sentenced to prison. Baby Wiley’s secret is out, and the custody hearing will just get more intense. Carly will only play the role of an aggressive momma who wants her child.

General Hospital

Time Heals All Things!

Other General Hospital spoilers reveal that this week Willow will be in mind to think various things. What will she be thinking of? Will she keep wondering about Baby Wiley? Or Maybe what would have happened if she had not given the baby for adoption. She is struggling with all these questions. She will need some time to heal from this.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha To Be Off Guard

General Hospital spoilers for the week tease that Sasha will be off guard because of something. Could it be because of something that Nelle does or says maybe? Or perhaps it could be because of how Michael has continued to talk about marriage? It can be the idea of being a stepmom that has freaked her out. Either way, she will be taken aback this week.

General Hospital

Worried Molly

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Molly will get worried in the upcoming week. What is it about? Does it have something to do with her mom? Or maybe because of TJ’s actions? Molly has turned down the marriage proposal. Does this mean that they are also calling the relationship off? It looks like so. This looks like a genuine reason for sure.

All this just means more drama for the fans. What is up? Is Mike okay? Who is Brook planning revenge from? What will happen in the custody hearing? There is a lot that might happen in the soap opera. So, don’t miss any of it. Also, stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.