General Hospital Spoilers For Year 2020: Comebacks, Romance And Revelations On The Cards

General Hospital

A new year means new possibilities and more drama in Port Charles. General Hospital Spoilers tease a lot many breakups and makeups. So many truths to be revealed and so many more twists and turns on the show. There are so many questions that still need to answer.

We look forward to all these answers in 2020. Here are all the predicted storylines for 2020.

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Peter Alex’s Son?

Peter has, for long, been trying to step onto a new phase in life, but he hasn’t been so lucky. Again and again, something just drags him to his past life. He’s been up to something, and sooner or later, everything will find out about it. Something that everyone will surely come to know about him in 2020 is that he isn’t Anna’s Son. Instead, he is Anna’s evil twin, Peter’s son. This will not only leave everyone else shocked but also leave Peter confused. This truth can really change all of Peter’s life and all his plans about leading it differently. Thanks to his vicious parents Alex and Faison.

General Hospital

Maxie And Peter To Break- Up

When this truth comes out, Not only Peter but everyone in his life will have to face the consequences too. One of those persons is his sweetheart Maxie. She will be heartbroken and furious about being lied to. Making things worse, Peter will not even try to win Maxie back as he thinks that he just does not deserves her. So, all this might lead to a big breakup. Another person affected by the truth will be Anna. Anna is well aware of everything Peter had been planing so she will not back out after she finds out the truth. She will help, encourage, support, and stick with him later, just leaving him. She will make sure that Peter doesn’t close the gates to his life for her, and she is ready to do everything for that. Afterall She is his aunt.

General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Mike To Cause Sonny And Carly’s Break-up?

Sonny and Carly have been on a rollercoaster when it comes to their relationship all 2019. They surely have risen above a lot of hurdles, but it seems like 2020 won’t be their year. In 2019 they were able to fight the entire Dev condition and baby Donna’s health problems. Now when it comes to Mike, Sonny is quite relentless. He wants Mike to continue alternative treatments.  This could be a reason why Carly and Sonny might break up in the upcoming year. But just remember we are talking about CarSon here, and anything can happen between them. So this could only mean another hurdle in their love path.

General Hospital

Carly To Cause Problems Between Jax And Nina

Nina and Jax have a spark, and everyone could see that since the start. Although, Nina has been with Valentin the whole time and is just starting her single life. So, she will need some time before some romance starts brewing between Nina and Jax. Even before that happens, Carly might turn onto Jax after breaking up with Sally but just as friends. However, Nina might read the whole situation wrong,, and in the end, Carly might just create a wedge between Jax and Nina even before anything starts between them.

General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Willey’s Truth To Be Revealed

General Hospital Spoilers reveal that the truth about Willey’s parents is about to get revealed. Along with that, Nelle will be out of Pentonville too. After she gets out, the only thing in her mind his Wiley and everything she might or could do to have Willey’s custody. She will even be ready to leverage Michael for all of this. This will also cause some trouble for Sasha and Michael. All this might really overburden Michael as he will put all his focus on Wiley and how to take Nelle down.

General Hospital

Willow To Be Devastated

As soon as the truth about Baby Wiley’s parents comes out, it surely will devastate Willow. Along with this truth, she will find out that her baby has demised and how Brad just tossed the small baby aside and covered his deeds. Willow has believed that Wiley is her son till this time, and now finding out that it isn’t true will be a lot for the lady. She might even start feeling guilty about putting the poor baby for adoption. As a consequence of all this, She might find herself drifting away from Chase and getting closer to Michael.

Nik And Ava To Be The New Sweethearts

It seems like Nik and Ava will be getting closer in the episodes to come. They might even get into a relationship. However, we are not sure whether this relationship will be a one-night casual hookup, or will they get serious about each other and become the bonafide sweethearts. Whatever happens, they surely will have something brewing.

General Hospital

Kiki Jerome To Make Her Way Back To Port Charles

It seems like 2020 will be pretty occupied for Ava. If the rumors are to be believed, Actress Hayley Erin might make her way to Port Charles. Her show, The Perfectionists wa canceled after season 1, and now she could be coming back to the soap opera world. So, it is possible that we might get to see Kiki back in Port Charles.

General Hospital

Franco To Be Jealous Of Nik

General Hospital spoilers reveal that there might be some issues coming up between Franco and Liz owing to Nikolas. Now that Nikolas is back in town seems like Franco is getting a bit jealous. Liz and Nikolas were best friends and were even engaged in an affair at some point. All this is quite enough for Franco to be jealous. However, since romance will be brewing between Nik and Ava, Franco is left with no reason to be jealous. Let’s wait and watch what could be happening here in this front.

General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nikolas and Liz The Line? 

Now, if Kiki is coming back to Port Charles, Ava will be very occupied. This could leave an open door for Nikolas and Liz to come closer. The two of them have been friends for long, and some time ago, the duo was so ready to let the time get better of them. Could this mean that something more than friendship could happen between them? Although this could really destroy more than one lives, all over again.

General Hospital

Liz To Get Pregnant, Again!

Since the story between Liz and Nikolas is again being counted on, there is a possibility that the whole of their past story could be retold. That means Elizabeth might get pregnant again. And yet again, she might not be sure of who the father is as she is riding two boats at the same time. However, this time she might have a girl than a boy.

General Hospital

All these storylines only hint towards one thing, enough entertainment in your lives. The show will be full of suspense, drama, romance, enmity all around the year. We look forward to all the twists and turns the show has for us. We will keep updating you with all the news about the show with time to come. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for the latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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