General Hospital Spoilers (GH): Carly Will Burst Out With Anger

General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will soon get a bit of anger back in her this week. Carly is in a place where she cannot control her anger at Sonny. GH fans know she has been hard on Sonny given that she’s married to him. She blamed him for the death of their son, later she blamed him for sleeping with Nelle however, she later found out he did no such thing. Now things aren’t going her way as she is blaming him for getting Jax out of her life. Now you might agree with the fact that she’s a bit hard on him. We admit she’s been hard on him as she is broken with their son’s death.

Let’s be honest, she can’t be always mad at him and blame him for everything that happens. Carly is blaming his line of work for the death of Morgan, but she knew about him before getting married and having kids. She knew that people are always out to get him yet she chose to spend her life with him. After knowing about his lifestyle since day one she doesn’t see it that way. If Carly was so concerned about what will happen to her and their children, she should have considered before having kids.

General Hospital Spoilers

However, now Carly is in a mood she can’t get rid of. It seems like she is losing it a bit, and fans can assume how interesting it would be to see Sonny meeting a young beautiful woman and getting indulge in romance. After all, Carly loves him and we just can’t wait to see her getting jealous. She already has some issues to work out and it would be interesting to see how she reacts and deal with the situation will her storming emotions. Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers. Good Day!

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